Silicon Carbide Nonwoven Abrasives Datasheets

Bear-Tex® Abrasive Brush -- 66261058830
from Norton Abrasives

Bear-Tex ® Abrasive Brush [See More]

  • Type: Silicon Carbide
  • OD: 7.00
  • Product Type: Abrasive Filament
  • Width: 1.00
Belts - Surface Conditioning -- 49158
from Flexovit USA, Inc.

Delivers consistent and controlled abrasion at low surface temperatures and very resistant to clogging. Offers highly efficient removal with excellent finish. Can reduce the number of operations needed to obtain the desired finish. Heavy Duty - Ultra Fine. Silicon carbide grain, for ultra fine... [See More]

  • Type: Silicon Carbide
  • Width: 1.00
  • Product Type: Belts
  • Length: 42.00