Semiconductors / Electronics Polishing and Buffing Machines Datasheets

Bench Top Machine -- Model 12
from Lapmaster-Wolters International

Lapmaster's most popular style of machine, these units are offered with 12", 15" or 20" lapping/polishing platens, are compact enough to fit on a standard workbench, and are extremely cost effective [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Abraded: Metal; Wet Finishing; Medical Devices or Biotech Parts; Ceramics / Glass; Electronics; Plastics or Composites; Ophthalmic or Optical
  • Mounting: Bench / Pedestal
  • Type: Abrasive disc or grinding wheel face grinder; Polisher; Lapping Machine
  • Rotary Speed: 0 to 60
Seikoh Giken Polish Machines -- SFP-550
from Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc./FIS

Patented high speed rotation & revolution method [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Abraded: Electronics
  • Mounting: Bench / Pedestal
  • Type: Polisher
  • Power Source: Electric Motor