Wet Finishing Polishing and Buffing Machines Datasheets

Grinder-Polishers -- EcoMet 300 Family
from Buehler, an ITW Company

Features and Benefits. Unique bowl shape for easy access to 10in [254mm] or 12in [305mm] platens. Pro version integrates seamlessly with Burst Dispensing System. Bright, energy-efficient LED lighting and quick release lift lock chuck allows easy specimen holder changes,. Multipurpose water nozzle... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Abraded: Wet Finishing; Clean / Surface Prep; Material Analysis
  • Mounting: Bench / Pedestal
  • Type: Metallographic or Sample Preparation Equipment
  • Rotary Speed: 50 to 400
3-Way, Planetary, Dual Face Lapping And Polishing Machine -- LSP 12
from Lapmaster-Wolters International

The Lapmaster Model LSP 12 is a 3-way, planetar y, dual face lapping and polishing machine with a sophisticated control system. It can execute complex lapping and polishing routines while producing precise and repeatable results. The LSP12 can lap or polish a wide range of materials to ver y tight... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Abraded: Metal; Wet Finishing; Medical Devices or Biotech Parts; Ceramics / Glass; Electronics; Plastics or Composites; Ophthalmic or Optical
  • Mounting: Floor
  • Type: Double Sided (Double Disc); Polisher; Lapping Machine
  • Power Source: Electric Motor
Planetary Sander/Polisher -- DS 3011

The DS 3011 planetary polisher produces a flat, swirl-free finish on counter tops, floors, walls and steps. The unit will grind, hone, polish and clean concrete, terrazzo, marble, granite and corian surfaces using coated abrasives, diamond polishing systems and lightweight diamond wheels. The system... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Abraded: Wet Finishing (optional feature); Clean / Surface Prep; Stone/Concrete
  • Mounting: Handheld; Portable
  • Type: Honing Machine; Abrasive disc or grinding wheel face grinder; Polisher
  • Rotary Speed: 405 to 2100