Input Overcurrent Protection IC Switching Voltage Regulators Datasheets

Switching Regulator -- MCP1601
from Microchip Technology, Inc.

The MCP1601 is a synchronous Buck (step-down) switching regulator that can continuously supply 500mA of load current. This DC/DC converter can provide output voltages of 0.9V to Vin with an operating efficiency that can exceed 92%. Although ideally suited for a single Li-Ion, or 2 to 3 cell NiCd,... [See More]

  • Special Features: Shutdown (Inhibit) Pin; Input Overcurrent Protection; Thermal Shutdown Protection; Synchronous Rectification
  • Output Voltage Type: Adjustable / Variable
  • Configuration / Function: Buck
  • Package Type: Other; MSOP
Switching Regulator -- FSR521.2P/D
from Beta Dyne Inc.

Remote on/off control, non-isolation, optional auto sense feature [See More]

  • Special Features: Input Overcurrent Protection; Multiple Outputs
  • Output Voltage Type: Adjustable / Variable
  • Configuration / Function: Buck
  • Output Voltage: 1 to 3
1.25MHz Step-Down Switching Regulator -- SC4517A
from Semtech Corp.

Integrated 1.5 Amp switch, synchronizable to higher frequency up to 2 MHz. [See More]

  • Special Features: Reverse Voltage Protection; Internal Current Limit; Input Overcurrent Protection; Under Voltage Lockout
  • Output Voltage Type: Fixed
  • Configuration / Function: Buck
  • Package Type: Other (optional feature); MLP-8, MSOP-8

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