Ethernet Moisture Meters Datasheets

Humidity / Temperature Transmitter -- EE33 Series
from E+E Elektronik

EE33 is optimised for reliable humidity and temperature measurement in applications with temporary condensation, permanent high humidity or chemical exposure. Condensation on the monolithic humidity sensor and the filter cap is prevented by controlled heating of the sensor. The measuring principle... [See More]

  • Digital Outputs: Ethernet (optional feature); Serial Interface
  • Form Factor: Transmitter
  • Variables Measured: Relative Humidity; DewPoint; Temperature
  • Relative Humidity Range: 0.0 to 100
Process Moisture Measurement Device -- MESA TRIME GW
from Mesa Systems Company

Adjustable offset for high accuracy, moisture measurement time adjustable [See More]

  • Digital Outputs: Ethernet; Serial Interface
  • Form Factor: Transmitter
  • Variables Measured: Moisture Content; Temperature
  • Moisture Content Range: 0.0 to 50
Continuous Dew Point Analyzer -- Model 252N12
from Nova Analytical Systems Inc.

The Nova 252 Series Continuous Dew Point Analyzers have been designed primarily for accurate dew point analysis of exothermic or endothermic heat treating atmospheres. The dielectric ceramic sensor provides stable and accurate measurements and is not affected by most gas compositions, oil vapors, or... [See More]

  • Digital Outputs: Ethernet; Serial Interface; Modbus
  • Form Factor: Transmitter; Analyzer; Instrument
  • Variables Measured: DewPoint
  • Dew Point Range: -10 to 90
Moisture Meter -- LMA200PM-000EU
from Sartorius Group

If the sample contains a high moisture content, microwave drying is the fastest and most effective procedure (loss-on-drying) for heating samples. A sample is heated by absorption of microwave radiation. A built-in analytical weighing system measures the weight loss of a sample and determines the... [See More]

  • Digital Outputs: Ethernet; Serial Interface
  • Form Factor: Instrument
  • Variables Measured: Moisture Content
  • Moisture Content Range: 8 to 100
Tunable Diode Laser -- TDLS200
from Yokogawa Corporation of America

The new Yokogawa TruePeak Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy (TDLS200) Analyzer is one of the most robust process analyzers available designed to make fast, accurate measurements on near-infrared absorbing gases in harsh process environments, where conditions are of high temperature or pressure, it... [See More]

  • Digital Outputs: Ethernet; Serial Interface
  • Operating Temp: 41 to 608
  • Form Factor: Analyzer
  • Electrical Outputs: Current