Connective Technology:Other Bus Expanders Datasheets

CANopen -- 750-963
from WAGO

Adaptation to the fieldbus specified by the operator, by simple latching of the corresponding coupler or controller to the wired bus terminals: ETHERNET, PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen, CAL, SDS, MODBUS, LONWorks ®, CC-Link, Peer-to-Peer, LIGHTBUS, FireWireTM [See More]

  • Bus Protocols: CANopen
  • Product Form Factor: Standard cable extender.
PCI-to-PXI/PCI Bus Extender -- PCI-8570
from ADLINK Technology Inc.

The ADLINK PCI-8570 and PXI-8570 expand the capabilities of PCI by providing high level of scalability and reliability to PCI based system. Using StarGen??s StarFabric technology, the system expansion sets provide a low latency, high throughput path to PCI slots in an expansion chassis. In addition,... [See More]

  • Bus Protocols: PCI; Star Fabric
  • Product Form Factor: Board-level Unit
DF1 Serial Port Expander -- 4102-DFS3-DFM
from ProSoft Technology, Inc.

The ProLinx family DF1 Serial Port Expander module (5102-DFS3-DFM) allows you to attach up to three separate DF1 master devices to a single DF1 slave. The module is designed to act as a multiplexer, allowing simultaneous connections from multiple DF1 masters to a single DF1 slave. A common use for... [See More]

  • Bus Protocols: DF1 Master/Slave
  • Number of Expansion Slots: 1 to 3
  • Product Form Factor: Stand-alone