Specialty / Other Heat Transfer Fluids and Thermal Oils Datasheets

3M™ Fluorinet™ Liquid -- FC-40
from 3M Electronics Design & Manufacturing

3M ™ Fluorinert ™ Electronic Liquid FC-40 is a clear, colorless, thermally stable, fullyfluorinated liquid ideal for use in many single phase heat transfer applications in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Its liquid range (-57 °C to 165 °C) makes it ideal for a variety... [See More]

  • Type / Function: Heat Transfer, Thermal Oil, Coolant; Anti-freeze, Secondary Refrigerant or Circulating Coolant; Specialty, Proprietary or Other; Electronic Testing Fluid
  • Pour Point: -71
  • Kinematic Viscosity: 2.2
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.0650