Decade Box / Substituter Voltage Dividers and Voltage References Datasheets

Programmable Voltage and Current Source -- VI-700
from IET Labs, Inc.

Various features and options make the VI-700 an effective choice for many manual and programmable voltage and current source applications. [See More]

  • Type: Current; Voltage; DecadeBox
  • Operating Temperature: 10 to 40
  • Temperature Coefficient: 10.0
  • Output Range: 0.2000 to 20
Coaxial Dial Potentiometer -- Model DP1211
from TEGAM, Inc.

Kelvin-Varley voltage divider, precision resistors throughout [See More]

  • Type: Resistance; Voltage; DecadeBox; Divider; Digital Potentiometer or Bridge
  • Special Features: Working or Reference Standard; Stand Alone or Bench
  • Decades: 2