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High Precision, Longterm Stable Temperature Sensor IC -- 501 SOP-8
from Innovative Sensor Technology IST USA Division

The TSic ™ series of temperature sensor ICs are specifically designed as a low-power solution for temperature measurement in building automation, medical/pharma technologies, industrial and mobile applications. The TSic ™ provides a simple temperature measurement and achieves outstanding... [See More]

  • Applications: Medical; Industrial; Consumer; Building Automation, Mobile Applications
  • Temperature Range: -10 to 60
  • Package / Mounting: Surface Mount (SMD)
  • Input Voltage: 3 to 5.5
Digital Temperature Sensor -- TSYS01
from Servoflo Corporation

TSYS01 Digital Temperature Sensor. The TSYS01 is a versatile, new technology temperature sensor chip. The TSYS01 provides factory-calibrated temperature information. It includes a temperature sensing chip and a 24-bit ADC. Highly accurate temperature information ( ±0.1 °C) and high... [See More]

  • Applications: Medical; Industrial; HVAC, Machine Monitoring
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 125
  • Package / Mounting: Surface Mount (SMD)
  • Input Voltage: 2.2 to 3.6