RoHS Compliant Pressure Sensor Chips Datasheets

FPS Series Pressure Sensor -- FPS-S025B
from All Sensors Corp.

The FPS Series Pressure Sensors use a special compensation technology to achieve excellent offset stabilities better than 0.1 %. These flow-based differential pressure sensors include a microcontroller for precision digital signal conditioning and accomplish very high accuracies. A digital SPI bus... [See More]

  • Standards and Certifications: RoHS
  • Compensated: Compensated
  • Applications: Medical; Industrial; Medical Breathing, Environmental Controls, HVAC, Industrial Controls, Portable/Hand-held Equipment
  • Pressure Type: Gauge; Differential
Integrated Automotive Pressure Sensor, Barometric Air Pressure Sensor -- KP234
from Infineon Technologies AG

Absolute Pressure Sensor. Summary of Features: - High precision pressure sensing ( ± 1.5 kPa). - Ratiometric analog output. - Large temperature range (-40 °C to 125 °C). - Broken wire detection. - “Green ” 8 pin SMD housing. - Automotive qualified. Target Applications: -... [See More]

  • Standards and Certifications: RoHS
  • Package / Mounting: PG-DSOF-8
  • Applications: Medical; Automobile; Industrial; Consumer
  • Packing Method: Tape Reel
Hermetic Pressure Sensor Die -- MS7201-A2
from TE Connectivity – Sensors

The MS7201-A2 is an absolute silicon micro-machined pressure sensor for harsh environment, with the pads on one side. A vacuum reference cavity is sealed on top of the sensitive silicon membrane by the anodic bonding of a glass cap. The pressure, applied on the backside, is converted in electrical... [See More]

  • Standards and Certifications: RoHS
  • Compensated: Compensated
  • Applications: Industrial; Harsh Environment
  • Pressure Type: Absolute
3000 Series
from Merit Sensor Systems

The 3000 Series is ideal for high-volume,. low-pressure OEM applications. FEATURES. Range. 5 to 100 psi (.34 to 6.9 bar; 34.5 to 689 KPa). Type. Absolute, gage, differential and vacuum. Media. Clean, dry air and non-corrosive gasses. Shipping. Wafers on tape. Flexibility. Sensitivity, resistance,... [See More]

  • Standards and Certifications: RoHS
  • Pressure Type: Absolute; Gauge; Differential; Vacuum
  • Applications: Medical; Automobile; Industrial; Consumer; Military; Aviation
  • Package / Mounting: Bare Die
IC, HI TEMP ACCURACY PRESSURE SENSOR -- 25R6477 [MPXA6400AP from Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.]
from Newark / element14

IC, HI TEMP ACCURACY PRESSURE SENSOR, 20 TO 400KPA, 1369-01 CASE; Pressure Type:Absolute; Operating Pressure Range:20 to 400kPa; Sensitivity, V/P:12.1mV/kPa; Supply Current:6mA; Sensor Case Style:SOP; No. of Pins:8 [See More]

  • Standards and Certifications: RoHS
  • Pressure Range: 2.9 to 58.01
  • Package / Mounting: SOP
  • Sensitivity: 1.75
Differential Pressure Sensor -- D6F-PH Series
from Omron Electronic Components – Americas

Economical. I2C Digital Output. Compact Package. High Accuracy, ±3% Reading. Linearized and Temperature Compensated. Resistant to Bypass Tube Length Variation. 0-250 Pa, ±50 Pa, ± 500 Pa [See More]

  • Standards and Certifications: RoHS
  • Pressure Range: -72.52 to 72.52
  • Applications: Medical; Industrial
  • Response Time: 6 to 33
Absolute Pre-amplified Sensing Element -- XFAM Series
from Servoflo Corporation

XFAM Absolute, Surface Mount or DIP, Calibrated Voltage Output, High Pressure. Features: Absolute pressure. Linear, repeatable, reliable, competitively priced, small package sizes. High level output signal saves space and adds reliability. Operational amplifiers and temperature compensation... [See More]

  • Standards and Certifications: RoHS
  • Compensated: Compensated
  • Applications: Medical; Industrial
  • Pressure Type: Absolute

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