Chemical / Process:Other Plating Chemicals and Anodizing Chemicals Datasheets

CHEMEON Zincate 8000
from CHEMEON Surface Technology (formerly Metalast)

Easy to use non-chelating, non-cyanide liquid zincate. Zincate 8000 is used to coat aluminum andaluminum alloy prior to plating and is totally water-soluble. It provides a superior inter-coatingadhesion and handles temperature variations well. In addition, it has low viscosity, better rinsing,and... [See More]

  • Chemical / Composition: Zinc Plating
Iron-Phosphate -- PavPhos PI
from Pavco, Inc.

PavPhos PI - is a water soluble iron phosphate concentrate which cleans and produces and iridescent iron phosphate coating on steel and cast iron alloys (gray, ductile, malleable, ect.) in one operation. It may also be used on zinc die casting, galvanized surfaces and aluminum alloys as a... [See More]

  • Chemical / Composition: Water Soluble Iron Phosphate
  • Form: Liquid / Solution
Durasil® Post Treatment
from Technic, Inc.

A non aqueous process which provides improved wera resistance and corrosion-resistant properties to Durasil ® Silver deposits. [See More]

  • Chemical / Composition: Durasil® Post Treatment
Acid Inhibitor -- COLUMBIA PICKLE PAL™
from Columbia Chemical Corporation

COLUMBIA PICKLE PAL ™ is a specially formulated inhibitor for HCL and H2SO4 pickling tanks in zinc electroplating lines. It improves plating quality by eliminating smut formation on hardened parts and improves the pickle's ability to remove scale while greatly extending the life of the pickle... [See More]

  • Chemical / Composition: Acid Pickling
  • Form: Liquid / Solution
Cobalt Nitrate
from Umicore Materials

Cobalt Nitrate is produced in crystal form or in solution. This cobalt compound is mainly used in catalyst and plating applications. [See More]

  • Chemical / Composition: Cobalt Plating
  • Form: Liquid / Solution (optional feature); Powder (optional feature)