Connective Technology:Other Bus Extenders Datasheets

SCXIbus Extender -- 181585-01
from National Instruments

SCXI Bus Extender. NI SCXI cable assemblies connect a DAQ device to the SCXI system. They consist of high-quality, low-noise cables, which guarantee reliable communication and signal integrity at up to 10 m. Therefore, you can locate your SCXI system closer to your sensors and transducers. For SCXI... [See More]

  • Bus Protocols: SCXI
  • Product Form Factor: Standard cable extender.
USB 2.0 Over Cat5 Extender -- B203-101
from Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite's B203-101, USB 2.0 over Cat5 extender kit, allows you to station a USB 2.0 peripheral up to 100 Meters (330) away from a computer. Transfer rates of up to 480Mbps at the maximum length. Compatible with Windows XP and higher operating systems. Backwards compatible with USB 1.1... [See More]

  • Bus Protocols: USB, Cat5
  • Product Form Factor: Standard cable extender.
NI-VXI-MXI-2 Mainframe Extender -- 777178-01
from VTI Instruments Corporation

A VXIbus system may have up to 256 devices, including one or. more VXIbus subsystems (mainframes). Subsystems must consist. of a central timing module, referred to as a Slot 0 Controller. Selecting the appropriate Slot 0 depends on the overall system. architecture and interface requirements. The... [See More]

  • Bus Protocols: VXI; MXI-2
  • Product Form Factor: Board-level Unit

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