Strain Gauge Pressure Instruments Datasheets

Precision Digital Pressure Manometer -- Series HM35
from Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

The High Precision Series HM35 Digital Manometer is designed to reliably measure and log pressure measurements for critical applications. This family of manometer can measure absolute pressure, differential pressure or gauge pressure with up to 0.05% accuracy. The data logging function can store up... [See More]

  • Sensor Technology: Strain Gauge
  • Pressure Measurement: Differential; Gauge; Vacuum
  • Device Category: Instrument or Meter; Manometer
  • Material: Gas
Melt Pressure Control System -- M0
from Gefran

Displays pressure in a 5-digit LED display. Auto zero. Auto span. Auto calibration. 4 alarms with adjustable setpoint. Touch-type keypad. Built-in strain gage bridge excitation. Filter for digit stabilization. Coded access for user lockout. Transducer. Better than ±0.50% accuracy. [See More]

  • Sensor Technology: Mechanical Deflection; Strain Gauge
  • Pressure Measurement: Gauge
  • Device Category: Controller
  • Features: Alarm Indicator
Model 450
from DigiVac

The DIGIVAC model 450 is a self contained vacuum level control unit for maintaining pressures between 1 and 760 Torr. It provides dependable digital control of your vacuum system with a innovative controller technology to make testing easier. The 450 has a gas independent isolated stainless steel... [See More]

  • Sensor Technology: Strain Gauge
  • Pressure Measurement: Absolute; Sealed; Vacuum; Negative Pressure
  • Device Category: Instrument or Meter; Controller
  • Material: Gas
Data Logging Probe -- miniTROLL
from In-Situ, Inc.

Vented quick-connect cable, user-replaceable AA batteries, temp compensated [See More]

  • Sensor Technology: Strain Gauge
  • Pressure Measurement: Absolute (optional feature); Gauge
  • Device Category: Instrument or Meter; Data Logging Probe
  • Material: Liquid
Digital Pressure Manometer -- PS309A
from Validyne Engineering

The PS309 is a portable, completely self-contained digital pressure manometer, available in absolute, gauge and differential ranges. In addition to the front panel liquid crystal digital display, the unit also provides a 2 Vdc analog output suitable or recording, remote display or control purposes [See More]

  • Sensor Technology: Strain Gauge
  • Pressure Measurement: Absolute
  • Device Category: Instrument or Meter
  • Material: Liquid; Gas