8 Logic Encoders Datasheets

DS Series Encoder/Decoder IC -- LICAL-EDC-DS001
from Linx Technologies

The new DS Series Encoder/Decoder IC from Linx makes it simple to add a robust serial protocol with the ease of DIP switch addressing. The DS lets users set up to 1,022 unique addresses for communication between devices, similar to older Holtek ® products, but with a stable serial protocol. [See More]

  • Input Lines: 8
  • Package Type: SSOP
  • Supply Voltage: 2.5V; 3V; 3.3V; 3.6V; 5V; 2.2-5.5VDC
  • Number of Pins: 28
3332883 [SN74HC148N from Texas Instruments Standard Linear and Logic]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Texas Instruments range of Decoders, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers and Analogue Switches from the 74HC Family of CMOS Logic ICs. The 74HC Family use silicon gate CMOS technology to achieve operating speeds similar to the LSTTL family but with the low power consumption of standard CMOS integrated... [See More]

  • Input Lines: 8
  • Features: Priority Encoder
  • Output Lines: 3
  • Package Type: PDIP
CD4532B CMOS 8-Bit Priority Encoder -- CD4532BE
from Texas Instruments

CMOS 8-Bit Priority Encoder 16-PDIP -55 to 125 [See More]

  • Input Lines: 8
  • Supply Voltage: 3V; 18
  • Output Lines: 4
  • Package Type: PDIP,SO,SOIC,TSSOP
8-Input Priority Encoder -- 10565/E,F
from Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc.

The 10500/10100 series of emitter-coupled logic is the fastest logic technology available for practical use. A conventional planar process is used for the 10K ECL series with a density of about ten gates per mm2 and a delay of 2 ns per gate. [See More]

  • Input Lines: 8
  • Features: Priority Encoder
  • Supply Voltage: (-8) VDC
  • Package Type: DIP (optional feature); Lead Flat Pack