Check Valves Water Valves Datasheets

LKC Non-Return Valve
from Alfa Laval Inc.

Specially designed for use in stainless steel pipe installations, LKC-2 non-return valves prevent the reverse flow of fluids. Widely used in various processes throughout the sanitary industry, these standard non-return valves are safe and highly reliable. Safe and reliable process protection. Alfa... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check
  • Valve Size: 0.89 to 3.94
  • Media: Water
  • Maximum Pressure: 145.04
Rada Series Mixing Valve -- Rada 215
from Armstrong International

Rada 215. Rada Thermostatic Mixing Valve of “sealed for life ” replaceable cartridge construction. Compact design is ideally suited for use at or near the final point of use to deliver a pre designated mixed water temperature to either a single or a small “group ” of... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Mixing
  • Valve Size: 0.50
  • Media: Water
  • Maximum Pressure: 10.00 to 150.00
Check Valves -- V012 001
from ASCO Valve, Inc.

• Compact design. • In-line mounted. • Quiet operation. • Instantaneous shutoff against reverse flow, low forward. pressure opening. • Disc seats before reverse flow to avoid fluid shock on. reverse pressure differential [See More]

  • Valve Type: BallCheck; Check
  • Valve Size: 0.25
  • Media: Water
  • Maximum Pressure: 150.00
Adjustable Cracking Pressure Check Valve -- CKVA-10-1.
from Beswick Engineering Co., Inc.

The Beswick CKVA is a poppet style check valve with adjustable cracking pressure. The cracking pressure can be adjusted from 1 psig to 40 psig. This valve requires back pressure to be applied before the cracking pressure resets to your original set point. [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Poppet; Hydraulic
  • Maximum Pressure: 0.00 to 250.00
  • Media: Water; HotWater; ColdWater  ; GroundWater; PotableWater; Wastewater
  • Primary Material: BrassBronze; StainlessSteel; Black EPDM, Buna-N, Viton, EPDM
Bushing Valve -- BUD (BU-050x0375)
from Check-All Valve Mfg. Co.

The Bushing Valve is a check valve with a standard bushing housing. The valve is adaptable to many types of service applications. It has very little restriction and produces a low pressure drop. It can be used quite effectively in systems where flow and pressure drop are critical by the use of a... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Lift Check; BackFlow; Poppet; Directional; Hydraulic; Relief; AntiSiphon; Bushing Valve
  • Valve Size: 0.50
  • Media: Water; HotWater; ColdWater  ; GroundWater; PotableWater; SaltWater (optional feature); Liquids
  • Maximum Pressure: 3000.00
Manifold Mounted Multi Check Valves -- R-337
from Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc.

The R-337 is a 3-way, spring-return, fully-ported, piloted valve with an independent check valve in the same body. It can be used Normally-Open, Normally-Closed, as a diverter or as a selector. Features. • Easy manifold-mounted design. • Integrated circuitry. • Octoport outlet design. [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check
  • Maximum Pressure: 150.00
  • Media: Water; Oil
  • Media Temperature: 32 to 180
DFT® ALC® Wafer Check Valves
from DFT Inc.

The ALC ® is an in-line, spring assisted, single guided "wafer" check valve designed to prevent "water hammer" and "reverse" flow. The lightweight compact design fits between mating flanges and meets API 594 Face-to-Face dimensions. The ALC ® is an easy to maintain check valve for... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Lift Check; Hydraulic
  • Valve Size: 10.00 to 24.00
  • Media: Water; HotWater; ColdWater  ; GroundWater; PotableWater; SaltWater; Wastewater
  • Maximum Pressure: 720.00
Flood-Guard™ - Vertical One way Flow Check Valve
from General Pipe Cleaners

Flood-Guard ™ operates like a check valve to seal off water back-up caused by overloaded sewers. Water flows normally through the drain until the sewer begins to back up. Then the Flood-Guard ™ float rises to seal off the drain opening until the water recedes. A screwdriver and a couple... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; BackFlow; Float
  • Valve Size: 2.00 to 4.00
  • Media: Water; ColdWater  ; GroundWater; Wastewater
  • Primary Material: StainlessSteel; Rubber
Check Valve -- Model YCV12FB
from General Pump

General Pump Spray Tips are built using an innovative design and manufacturing approach that ensures accuracy and provides consistent durability and performance for all types of high pressure cleaning systems. Tips offer high application flexibility, unique construction, positive identification, and... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Relief; Safety
  • Valve Size: 0.50
  • Media: Water; HotWater; ColdWater  
  • Maximum Pressure: 2200.00
Stainless Steel Check Valve -- 28201
from Haskel International LLC

Combining the best features of durability and positive sealing, these unique valves are constructed throughout of 316 Series Stainless Steel for the high corrosion resistance essential in the chemical, processing and power generating industries. PTFE seat seal for positive bubble -tight sealing... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check
  • Valve Size: 0.25
  • Media: Water
  • Maximum Pressure: 15000.00
Full Pattern Wafer Check Valves -- WCV Series
from Hayward Flow Control

New Full Pattern Wafer Check Valves in PVC and CPVC, sizes 2" - 8' with FPM or EPDM Gasket and Disc Seals. Spring return option in 316 Stainless Steel or Hastelloy materials. No spacers or specialty flanges required. Features. Robust Full Pattern Body in PVC, CPVC and Coming Soon, GFPP. No Need for... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check
  • Valve Size: 2.00 to 8.00
  • Media: Water; GroundWater; PotableWater; Wastewater
  • Maximum Pressure: 150.00
Foot Valve
from Kuriyama of America, Inc.

Kuriyama Foot Valves are Made of Iron and come with a Neoprene Flapper Valve Assembly. Threads are NPT; Bolts and Nuts are Plated Steel. Designed for use in Irrigation and other Pumping Applications where water may be dirty due to silt and sand. These valves are used to prevent the passage of... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Foot Valve
  • Valve Size: 1.50 to 8.00
  • Media: Water; Wastewater
  • Primary Material: DuctileIron
14"- 36" Swing Type Lever And Weight Check Valve-FL.x FL. -- 8001 Series
from Mueller Company

bull; Meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of ANSI/AWWA C508 Standard. • Flanged end dimensions and drilling comply with ANSI B16.1, class 125. • Iron body, bronze mounted (IBBM). • Choice of gravity operated, lever and weight operated, or lever and spring operated valves. [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Swing
  • Valve Size: 14.00 to 36.00
  • Media: Water; PotableWater
  • Maximum Pressure: 150.00 to 300.00
1-Way Check Valve with Female Inlet and Male Outlet -- 80058
from Qosina Corp.

1-Way Check Valve with Female Inlet and Male Outlet [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check
  • Maximum Pressure: 0.11
  • Media: Water
  • Primary Material: PC, Silicone
Inline Check Valve -- ICV-150-N-025
from SC Hydraulic Engineering Corporation

The ICV series inline check valves are available in four port sizes from 1/4" NPT to 1" NPT and are rated up to 15,000 psig working pressure. Constructed of Stainless steel for use with water as well as most industrial fluids. The ICV series check valve is a simple and effective component allowing... [See More]

  • Valve Type: BallCheck; Check; Directional; Hydraulic
  • Valve Size: 0.25 to 1.00
  • Media: Water; HotWater; ColdWater  
  • Maximum Pressure: 15000.00
Excess Flow Check Valves -- SV520-50 Series
from Valcor Engineering Corporation

Description. Extreme reliability is inherent due to rugged design, simplicity of operation, and a minimum number of moving parts. Isolation standoffs prevent excessive heat transfer to the solenoid operator. Internal parts are contoured to retard buildup of contamination and sludge. Compact, light... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check
  • Valve Size: 0.38 to 2.00
  • Media: Water
  • Maximum Pressure: 2500.00
Check Valve for Fire Sprinkler Systems -- Series SS07F
from Watts

Series SS07F Stainless Steel, Single-Detector Check Valves for Fire Sprinkler Systems are used in fire protection applications to detect leakage or unauthorized use of water in fire sprinkler systems. It consists of a stainless steel body construction with flanged connections, and stainless steel... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Swing
  • Valve Size: 4.00 to 10.00
  • Media: Water
  • Maximum Pressure: 175.00
AWWA C508 Swing Type Check Valve -- LD 011-CK
from Xiamen Landee Industries Co., Ltd.

Key Specifications/Special Features: Working pressure: 125 TO 300LBS. Size range: DN200 to DN1000. Materials: Body: GGG50. Disk: GGG50. Shaft: SS420. Sealing ring: brass. Operated way: with counter weight. Suitable media: water [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Swing
  • Valve Size: 7.87 to 39.37
  • Media: Water; HotWater; ColdWater  ; PotableWater
  • Maximum Pressure: 125.00 to 300.00
Anti-Siphon/Chemigation Check Valve -- Series ASCV
from Ames Fire & Waterworks

Series ASCV Anti-Siphon/Chemigation Check Valves are used to prevent backflow of mixtures of water and chemicals into the water supply. The spring swing silent check valve is extremely efficient. Series ASCV also features a built in vacuum breaker to provide air release and vacuum relief when flow... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; AntiSiphon
  • Valve Size: 3.00 to 12.00
  • Media: Water; HotWater; ColdWater  ; PotableWater
  • Maximum Pressure: 150.00
DELTA RUF3 - Process Valve
from APV, An SPX Brand

The valve opens as soon as the pressure under the valve seat exceeds the counter pressure. When the pressure is balanced, the valve closes by spring action, which means that in case of a pressure increase, the valve closes on the spring side. Field of application. All industries. Used when backflow... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Sanitary
  • Valve Size: 1.00 to 4.00
  • Media: Water
  • Maximum Pressure: 145.00
Check Valves for Fire Protection Applications
from AVK International A/S

Swing and ball check valves. The ductile iron body, made in a modern design with soft sealing elements in an advanced rubber quality from AVK ’s own rubber factory, will ensure an efficient shut-off whenever needed. Most of AVK ’s products in the fire protection range hold... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check
  • Valve Size: 2.00 to 3.00
  • Media: Water; ColdWater  ; PotableWater
  • Media Temperature: 158
John Guest Check Valves
from AXEON Water Technologies

John Guest check valves ensure protection against reversal of flow. The low head loss design and fast installation time make the valve ideal selection. The valve designed for use with liquids, it is not suitable for air and vacuum applications. [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check
  • Valve Size: 0.38
  • Media: Water
  • Primary Material: Acetal
Piping, Valves & Fittings
from Chemac Inc./Uraca/Uhde HPT/Gather/BHDT

High Pressure Piping, Valves and Fittings. Based on the High-pressure valves and fittings to IG standards for pressure ratings of 325 and 700 bar, Chemac Inc offers these for pressure ratings of 500, 1600, 2500, 3200, 3600 and 4000 bar in similar construction with lens-type gaskets. Valves with... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Angle; Butterfly; Diaphragm; Globe; Piston; ControlValve; Relief
  • Media: Water
Check Valves -- Class -150,300, 900, 2500, 4500 available
from Curtiss-Wright, Valve Group

Curtis Wright provides a variety of industrial grade check valves that meet the harsh environments suitable for applications such as power and oil, petrochemical, hydrocarbon service, seawater cooling systems, offshore applications. Curtiss-Wright check valves are supplied through their Phonix,... [See More]

  • Valve Type: BallCheck; Check; Swing
  • Valve Size: 0.50 to 24.00
  • Media: Water; HotWater; non aggressive liquids, gases and vapours
  • Media Temperature: -321 to 1202
Automatic Control Valves -- C1000 - Hydraulic Check Valves
from Flomatic Corporation

Hydraulic control valves open and closes at controlled, adjustable speeds to provide for smooth operation and reduce pressure surges associated with conventional check valves. When the upstream (inlet) pressure is greater than the downstream (outlet) pressure, the hydraulic control valve moves to... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; ControlValve
  • Valve Size: 1.25 to 36.00
  • Media: Water; ColdWater  ; PotableWater; Wastewater; Sewer, Irrigation
  • Agency Specifications: ANSI; AWWA; NSF
Air, Water & Oil Services Valve
from Flowserve Corporation

Flowserve Vogt Valves offers valves for Air, Water & Oil Service in the form of globe valve, angle valve, check valve & Y Pattern Check valve. [See More]

  • Valve Type: BallCheck (optional feature); Check (optional feature); Lift Check (optional feature); Swing (optional feature); Gate (optional feature); Globe (optional feature); ControlValve
  • Connection Description: Threaded; BoltFlange; SocketWeld
  • Media: Water
  • Actuation: Manual
DSI -- 1331 A8-18
from Forum Valve Solutions

Class 150 piston check, rf flanged, NACE MR0175-2002, MR0103-2003 [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Lift Check
  • Valve Size: 0.50
  • Media: Water
  • Maximum Pressure: 150.00
Power and Water Management Valves
from Friatec N.A., LLC

For condensers, FRIATEC offers a range of specially-developed double eccentric butterfly valves with metal-to-metal seat and special shaft seal for low-pressure steam systems. For primary cooling circuits FRIATEC supplies shut-off butterfly valves, wedge-gate valves and check valves in a variety of... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Butterfly; ShutOff
  • Valve Size: ? to 134.00
  • Media: Water
  • Media Temperature: ? to 750
Mould [Mold] Temperature Regulator -- W-BB-WDT2-N2-N4
from Invotec Solutions Ltd.

The Smartflow Mould Temperature Regulator effectively controls mould cooling water temperature between 80 °F and 120 °F (27 °C and 49 °C) to maintain a steady mould temperature. Installed to control water flow exiting an injection mould, the Mould Temperature Regulator quietly... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check (optional feature)
  • Valve Size: 0.25
  • Media: Water; ColdWater  
  • Maximum Pressure: 125.00
HP Pump Check Valve
from KMT Waterjet Systems

SL I & SL II Check Valve Body [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check
  • Media: Water
Cast Swing Check Valve -- SICCA 150-600 SCC
from KSB AG

Design. Cast swing check valve to BS 1868 with bolted cover. Internal hinge pin mounted design. Bigger sizes with anti-slam/dash pot arrangement (optional). With graphite gasket. Seating surfaces 13% Cr steel/stellite hard-faced. Pressure/temperature ratings to ASME B16.34. Flanged/butt weld ends to... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Swing
  • Valve Size: 1.97 to 23.62
  • Media: Water; HotWater; ColdWater  ; Non-Aggressive Fluids
  • Maximum Pressure: 1508.39
Downpipe Check Valve -- 6563
from Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies

Simple Inline Installation. Float Check Avoids Pressure Drop. Guards Against Siphoning From Tank. This engineered component will help you prevent siphoning or backflow of liquid through a downpipe installed in tank level gauging applications. With the KING-GAGE Downpipe Backflow Check Valve, you can... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Lift Check
  • Valve Size: 0.75
  • Media: Water (optional feature)
  • Maximum Pressure: 150.00
Metric Thermoplastic Fitting -- PQM63 Check Valve
from Mid-America Fittings, Inc.

Black acetal copolymer with food grade nitrile rubber o-rings [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check
  • Valve Size: 0.24 to 0.47
  • Media: Water; PotableWater
  • Primary Material: Acetal
28201 Stainless Steel Check Valve
from Milton Roy Americas

1/4" Check ball valve. Cracking pressure 1-4 psi. Constructed throughout of 316 series stainless steel. PTFE seat seal for positive bubble-tight sealing (with gas) from cyrogenic to 375 °F (190 °C) temperatures.  Seals also available for radioactive environments, or up to 500 °F... [See More]

  • Valve Type: BallCheck; Check
  • Valve Size: 0.25
  • Media: Water
  • Maximum Pressure: 10000.00 to 15000.00
API RTJ Steel Chexter™ Check Valves -- 1696
from Mueller Steam Specialty

Recommended for use in higher temperature or pressure applications. [See More]

  • Valve Type: BallCheck; Check; Hydraulic (optional feature); Pivot Valves
  • Valve Size: 2.00 to 4.00
  • Media: Water; HotWater; ColdWater  ; GroundWater; PotableWater; SaltWater; Wastewater (optional feature); High Temp and Pressure Applications
  • Maximum Pressure: 1430.00 to 2000.00
Brass Check Valve -- 442
from Nova Plumbing Technologies

DESCRIPTION. Suitable for use on plumbing, pneumatic, heating and conditioning systems. Valves can be installed in any positions: horizontal, oblique or vertical. SIZES: 3/8 ” - 4 ” NPT. TECHNICAL FEATURES. Body: Brass UNI EN 12165 CW617N. Spring: Stainless steel. O-ring: NBR. Disk:... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check
  • Valve Size: 0.38 to 4.00
  • Media: Water
  • Maximum Pressure: 170.00 to 360.00
Metric Economy Line Check Valve -- ZMC-M3.5-B-SS
from O'Keefe Controls Co.

This miniature check valve line employs a free floating stainless steel or elastomeric ball, which allows free flow in one direction; reverse flow is prevented. The valves are suitable for air, water, inert gas, light oil and liquids compatible with the materials of construciton. The valves are fast... [See More]

  • Valve Type: BallCheck; Check
  • Maximum Pressure: 507.63
  • Media: Water; Light Oil
  • Primary Material: BrassBronze
Check Valve -- C050101
from Pneumadyne, Inc.

Flow controls and Needle valves are used to reduce the rate of flow in a leg of a system, consequently the restriction slows cylinder speed. Finely threaded stems allow gradual adjustment of controlled flow to match system requirements. Although the basic function is flow restriction, the... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Lift Check; ControlValve; Directional; Batwing
  • Valve Size: 0.06
  • Media: Water
  • Maximum Pressure: 125.00
Pump Foot Valves -- FV Series
from PT Coupling Company

Pump foot valve [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Foot Valve
  • Valve Size: 1.50 to 8.00
  • Media: Water; Wastewater
  • Connection Description: Threaded; FNPT
Flanged Swing Check Valve -- Model 1"-35
from Sharpe Valves

Gate, Globe & Check. Cast Steel & Stainless Steel. Flanged & Butt Weld [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Swing
  • Valve Size: 1.00
  • Media: Water; ColdWater  ; GroundWater; PotableWater; Wastewater
  • Primary Material: StainlessSteel; Steel
Austenitic Stainless Steel Disc Check Valve -- DCV41
from Spirax-Sarco

The DCV41 is an austenitic stainless steel disc check valve available with either screwed or socket weld end connections. Its function is to prevent reverse flow on a wide variety of fluids for applications in process lines, hot water systems, steam and condensate systems. [See More]

  • Valve Type: BallCheck; Check
  • Valve Size: 0.50 to 1.00
  • Media: Water
  • Maximum Pressure: 719.39
Standard (45 degree) Companion Flange -- SFV10-CF
from Sure-Flo Fittings

This foot valve matches the bolt pattern of a standard 125 pound cast iron companion flange or a schedule 80 PVC flange. [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Foot Valve
  • Primary Material: Aluminum
  • Media: Water; GroundWater
  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
Hansen Two-Way Check Valve -- 10TWBR150
from Suttner America Company

Couplers are used anywhere high pressure connections are frequently connected and disconnected. Ideal for quick exchange of quick nozzles and spray guns. Series ST straight-through couplings are designed for use where minimum pressure drop is required and valving is not needed. [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check
  • Valve Size: 0.25
  • Media: Water
  • Maximum Pressure: 2700.00
DCV Series Double Check Valve -- DCV101-001
from Value Plastics, Inc.

1-7 psi cracking pressure, radiation-stable Polycarbonate [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; DoubleCheck; Sanitary
  • Maximum Pressure: 7.00
  • Media: Water; GroundWater; PotableWater
  • Primary Material: Radiation Stable Polycarbonate
FireLock® Alarm Check Valve (VdS trim) - Series 751
from Victaulic Co. of America

Prevents the reverse flow of water from the system piping to the water supply. The bypass line allows pressure surges to enter the system without causing false alarms. Excess pressure pump trim option available upon request. Due to the volume of CAD files for this product, they cannot be shown on... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check
  • Media: Water
Stainless Steel Check Valve -- 1 1/2" WCV-16
from Watson McDaniel Company

The model WSSCV is an all stainless steel in-line check valve for steam, gas, or liquid service. It provides tight shut-off, minimizes water hammer and also stops recycling of pumps by preventing back flow of liquid. Used in the petrochemical, pulp and paper, textile and the food & beverage... [See More]

  • Valve Type: Check; Poppet; Disc Check Valve
  • Valve Size: 1.50
  • Media: Water; Liquids
  • Primary Material: StainlessSteel

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