Specialty / Other Polymer and Plastic Composites Datasheets

Molded and Extruded Rods and Tubes
from CoorsTek

Available in virgin PTFE, filled PTFE, modified PTFE, UHMW, filled UHMW and our proprietary Tetralon materials. Outside diameters from 3/16" to 60". [See More]

  • Polymer Matrix Type: UHMW, Tetralon; Fluoropolymer
  • Width / O.D.: 0.1875 to 60
  • Form / Shape: Rod or Round Stock; Hollow or Tubular Stock; Profile or Structural Shape
Cushioning and Energy Absorbing Material -- Crown Plastics CEA
from Crown Plastics Co., Inc.

Crown Plastics CEA. Cushioning and Energy Absorbing Material. Crown Plastics CEA is a cushioning and energy absorbing material suitable for gasket and weather stripping applications, as well as linings for sound abatement and energy absorption requirements. Crown Plastics CEA is offered as... [See More]

  • Polymer Matrix Type: Polyethylene; HDPE
  • Width / O.D.: 6 to 18
  • Thickness: 0.0016 to 0.0047
  • Length: 600
Armor-X™ Machinable Plastic - Sheet Stock
from Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products

Product Overview. Resists oils, cutting fluids and chemicals;. Has excellent impact and wear resistance;. Is more flexible than other polymers;. Is available in two finishes, including our anti-skid ProKnob ™ surface. Protect equipment and surfaces with Armor-X ™. Armor-X's ™... [See More]

  • Polymer Matrix Type: Polyethylene; TPE
  • Form / Shape: Sheet or Film
  • Reinforcement / Filler: Elastomeric Filler
  • Thickness: 0.2500 to 1.5
Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panel UL-752 Level 1 -- PSSA-01
from Protective Structures, Ltd.

Protective Structures, Ltd. employs our SecureAll ™ Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panel UL-752 Level 1 as the core of several of our bullet resistant assemblies, including bullet resistant doors, ballistic capture frames, non-ricochet deal trays and counters. [See More]

  • Polymer Matrix Type: Fiberglass
  • Width / O.D.: 36 to 60
  • Form / Shape: Plate
  • Length: 96 to 120
from Toray Industries (America), Inc.

TORAYCA ® laminates are made by arranging carbon fibers in the same direction and impregnating them with epoxy resin. The resulting material is then molded and hardened to form plates that can be used as repair and reinforcement materials for civil engineering and construction projects. TORAYCA... [See More]

  • Polymer Matrix Type: Carbon Fiber
  • Industry: Repair or Construction
  • Reinforcement / Filler: Carbon or Graphite
from Total Plastics, Inc.

ECOGEHR ® WPC-30PE is a composite of 70% wood. fibres and 30% polyethylene (PE) as a polymer. matrix. Terrace decking, no splintering. Rope ladder rungs, non-slip surface. Crossbow bolts, high strength. Playground equipment. Writing instruments. Park benches [See More]

  • Polymer Matrix Type: 70% Wood Fibres and 30% Polyethylene

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