Aramid Fiber Polymer and Plastic Composites Datasheets

HYDLAR Z - Aramid (Kevlar®) Fiber Filled, Nylon
from Ensinger, Inc.

HYDLAR ™ possesses a combination of physical properties that cannot be found in any other commercially available engineered plastic. Design engineers have created a family of superior wear and abrasion resistant thermoplastics using aramid fiber reinforcement. High Strength Rods and Plates. [See More]

  • Reinforcement / Filler: Aramid
  • Use Temperature: 300
  • Polymer Matrix Type: Polyamide
  • Deflection Temperature: 470
from Franklin Fibre-Lamitex Corporation

Aramid fibre composite fabric with a melamine resin. MK-50 has excellent moisture resistance and chemical resistance while maintaining dimensional stability. Applications include rotor vanes for compressors and vacuum pumps for industrial processing and liquefied gas transfer. [See More]

  • Reinforcement / Filler: Aramid
  • CTE: 6111111 to 10000000
  • Form / Shape: Rod or Round Stock; Hollow or Tubular Stock; Profile or Structural Shape
  • Industry: OEM or Industrial