Active High Supervisory Circuits and Battery Monitor Chips Datasheets

PMIC - Supervisors -- 1016-1223-5-ND [SP691AEN-L from Exar Corporation]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Output Options: Open Drain; Active Low; Active High
  • Features: Manual Reset
  • Number of Supplies: 1
  • Type: SOIC; 16-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width)
µP Supervisor with Watchdog Timer, Power-Fail Comparator, Manual Reset and Adjustable Power-On Reset -- ISL88707IB846Z
from Intersil Corporation

Designed with high reset threshold accuracy and low power consumption, the ISL88705, ISL88706, ISL88707, ISL88708, ISL88716 and ISL88813 devices are microprocessor supervisors that are designed to monitor power-supply and battery functions in microprocessor systems. They can help to lower system... [See More]

  • Output Options: Active Low; Active High
  • Type: SOIC
  • Number of Supplies: 2
134453 [DS1812R-10+ from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

SOT23 uP supervisor IC,DS1812R-10 4.35V - Power Management ICs - Processor Supervisors [See More]

  • Output Options: Active High; Active High, Push-Pull
  • Type: SOT-23; SOT-23
  • Number of Supplies: 1
  • Pins: 3
AS1905 Supervisor IC. 150nA ultra low power µP supervisory circuit, push-pull active-high reset -- AS1905
from ams AG

The AS1905 (push-pull driver with active high reset) is an ultra low-power 150nA @ 3.3V) supervisory circuit device. Reset thresholds are factory programmable between 2.2V and 3.08V in steps of 100mV. The duration of the reset is 5/20/100/500ms (typ) after the supply voltage has risen above the... [See More]

  • Output Options: Active High
  • Pins: 3
  • Type: SOT-23
  • IQ: 0.1500
19C7243 [MCP810T-475I/TT from Microchip Technology, Inc.]
from Newark / element14

; Threshold Voltage:4.625V; No. of Supervisors / Monitors:1; Supply Voltage Range:1V to 5.5V; Reset Type:Active-High / Push-Pull; Supply Current:45µA; Delay Time:350ms; Digital IC Case Style:SOT-23; No. of Pins:3 [See More]

  • Output Options: Active High
  • Type: SOT-23
  • Number of Supplies: 1
  • Pins: 3
ISL88003Ultra Low Power 3 Ld Voltage Supervisors in SC-70 and SOT-23 Packages -- ISL88003
from Techwell, Inc.

Key Features. Single Voltage Monitoring Supervisors. Fixed-Voltage Options Allow Precise Monitoring of +1.8V, +2.5V, +3.0V, +3.3V and +5.0V Power Supplies. Ultra Low 160nA Supply Current. ±1.2% Voltage Threshold Accuracy. 190ms Power-On Reset Timeout. Reset Signal Valid Down to VDD = 1V. No... [See More]

  • Output Options: Active High
  • Number of Supplies: 1