SEMTECH - SC801IMLTRT - IC, BATTERY CHARGER, 1.5A, MLP-16 -- 166708 [SC801IMLTRT from Semtech Corp.]
from 1-Source Electronic Components

IC, BATTERY CHARGER, 1.5A, MLP-16. Battery Type:Li-Ion, Li-Polymer. Input Voltage:14V. Battery Charge Voltage:4.2V. Charge Current Max:1.5A. Battery IC Case Style:MLP. No. of Pins:16. No. of Series Cells:1. RoHS Compliant: Yes [See More]

  • Package Type: MLP
  • Pins: 16
  • Cell Type: Li-Ion
  • Cells: 1
Battery Charger -- SC801
from Semtech Corp.

Fully integrated high-current lithium-ion battery charger system [See More]

  • Package Type: MLP
  • Cell Type: Li-Ion; NiCd; NiMH; Li-Polymer
  • Charger Type: Linear
  • Features: Over Voltage Protection; Over Current Protection; Soft Start; Charging Current Monitor; Lead-Free (optional feature)