Electrical / Electromechanical Product and Material Test Fixtures and Accessories Datasheets

Brazilian test apparatus
from Tinius Olsen, Inc.

Flow, Workability and Sample Preparation. As with the properties of concrete, the flow characteristics of cement mortars, limes and pozzolanas are important too. To this end, Tinius Olsen offers the following products: Electrically operated flow table. Mortar mixer. Vibration machine. Cube molds. [See More]

  • Operation: Electric
  • Application: Compression; Universal
  • Test Fixture Type: Specimen Jig / Mold
  • Capacity: 44960
Averaging Extensometer -- EXT-.2-2AV
from United Testing Systems, Inc.

Measures from both sides of sample and averages the results. Available in gage lengths of 0.5", 1", 1.4" or 2". Built-in overload protection. Automatic gage length setting. Class B-1 extensometers. High temperature version (up to 350 °F) is also available. [See More]

  • Operation: Electric
  • Application: Gaging
  • Test Fixture Type: Extensometer
Force Measurement -- GTS-1000 Digital Motorized Test Stand [GTS-1000 Digital Motorized Test Stand from Dillon Force Measurement]
from Acme Scale Systems

The GTS-1000 is a side mounted control test frame suitable for testing to 1000N / 220 lbf / 1000 kgf. The digital controls provide more accurate testing speed and more intutive operation. The stand supports automatically reverse (or stop) by GTX force gauge signal. The dimensions, capacity, travel... [See More]

  • Operation: Electric
  • Application: Compression; Tensile
  • Test Fixture Type: Test Stand
  • Capacity: 225
Automatic Sample Notcher -- ASN
from Dynisco Plastics

Notch verification tester, safety shut-off, up to 16 samples at once [See More]

  • Operation: Electric
  • Application: Toughness
  • Test Fixture Type: Indenter
  • Test Standard: ASTM; DIN; ISO; JIS; BS 2782, UNI 6323
Automatic Extensometer -- 2665-011
from InstronĀ®

HRD automatic averaging extensometer. [See More]

  • Operation: Electric
  • Length: 20
  • Test Fixture Type: Extensometer
Module 3700
from Link Engineering Company

Contains a high accuracy 16-bit A/D converter and counter system [See More]

  • Operation: Electric
  • Application: Fatigue; Physical / Thermal Properties; Spring Testing
  • Test Fixture Type: Test Controller
In-Plane Vibrometer
from Polytec, Inc.

In-plane laser vibrometers measure continuous (DC) velocity and superimposed variable (AC) components perpendicular to the central axis of two converging laser beams. The system utilizes the Doppler effect, where motion causes an optical frequency shift of light back-scattered from the measured... [See More]

  • Operation: Electric
  • Application: Vibration
  • Test Fixture Type: Test Kit / Tool Set; In-Plane Vibrometer
High Capacity Motorized Test Stand -- FGS-250VL
from Shimpo Instruments

Modular compact solid design, analog distance outputs, RS232 interface [See More]

  • Operation: Electric
  • Capacity: 500
  • Test Fixture Type: Test Stand
  • Stroke / Maximum Opening: 6
makroXtens® Extensometer
from Zwick USA

makroXtens ®. The makroXtens ® is a versatile high-accuracy extensometer operating on the contact principle. Ideal for tensile, compression, flexure and cyclic tests on metals, plastics, composites and many other materials. Advantages of the makroXtens ®. Standard extensometer in the... [See More]

  • Operation: Manual (optional feature); Electric
  • Application: Compression; Fatigue; Flexure or Bending; Tensile
  • Test Fixture Type: Extensometer
  • Test Standard: ASTM; ISO