Mechanical Product and Material Test Fixtures and Accessories Datasheets

Manual Test Stand for DFG Force Gages -- DFG-TS
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

Reliable inspection is essential to successful quality control. OMEGA'S DFG-TS manual test stand assures consistent, identical measuring conditions by eliminating human error. In addition, the stand shortens inspection time to greatly increase work efficiency. OMEGA's DFG60/70 and 80 series force... [See More]

  • Operation: Manual
  • Application: Compression (optional feature); Tensile (optional feature)
  • Test Fixture Type: Test Stand
  • Capacity: 220
HALT/HASS Fixturing System
from Thermotron Industries

When implementing a Highly Accelerated Stress Screening. (HASS) program, a method of quickly and securely. mounting products is required. Thermotron Product Test. Solutions can provide a system which can be used in. demanding production HASS applications. n Higher test confidence - The HASS... [See More]

  • Operation: Manual
  • Application: Drop; Vibration
  • Test Fixture Type: Test Fixture / Holder
Boom Stand for Aven Mighty Scope -- 26700-210 [26700-210 from Aven Inc.]
from All-Spec Industries

The Aven 26700-210 is an optional boom stand for Aven Mighty Scopes. [See More]

  • Operation: Manual
  • Application: Microscope
  • Test Fixture Type: Test Stand
  • Length: 7.87
Reference Indentation Reading Blocks
from Foundrax Engineering Products, Ltd.

These are for comparison purposes to determine degree of operator accuracy in manual microscope measurement. These are steel blocks containing 5 Reference Indentations made with a 10mm ball in the range 2.40-6mm and 5 Reference Indentions made with a 5mm ball in the range 1.30-3mm. These measuring... [See More]

  • Operation: Manual
  • Application: Hardness
  • Test Fixture Type: Standard / Test Block
  • Test Standard: ISO; Brinell
10 kN Wedge Grip
from Mecmesin Corporation

The 10kN Wedge Grip is supplied fitted as standard with removable cross-hatch jaw faces for holding flat samples of 0.2-10mm thickness. The jaw faces may be removed and replaced by alternative cross-hatch flat jaws or v-grooved jaws for holding round samples. Capacity. 10kN (1000kgf, 2200lbf). [See More]

  • Operation: Manual
  • Application: Tensile
  • Test Fixture Type: Test Grip / Clamp
  • Capacity: 2248
Manual Test Stand -- FGS-50H
from Shimpo Instruments

Modular compact solid design, analog distance outputs, RS232 interface [See More]

  • Operation: Manual
  • Capacity: 110
  • Test Fixture Type: Test Stand
  • Stroke / Maximum Opening: 5.9
Biaxial clip-on extensometer
from Zwick USA

Strain Gage (DMS) Clip-On Extensometers. A strain gage extensometer is a mechanical device which measures strain on a specimen which has been subjected to a load, usually via a materials testing machine. The extensometer is physically attached to the specimen and the measurement of strain is... [See More]

  • Operation: Manual
  • Application: Shear or Torsion; Strain
  • Test Fixture Type: Extensometer
  • Test Standard: ISO