Cushioning / Springs Foams and Foam Materials Datasheets

PAPI™ -- 27
from Dow Polyurethanes

PAPI* 27 polymeric MDI is a. polymethylene polyphenylisocyanate. that contains MDI. This product has a. narrow molecular weight distribution. and a high reactivity. Applicable to. many foam processes, this product is. compatible with rigid polyether and. polyester polyols, making it suitable. for a... [See More]

  • Applications: Automotive / Transportation; Composites or Structural; Consumer / Furniture; Cushioning; Coating for Driveway and Concrete Applications
  • Form / Shape: Casting Resin
  • Type: Flexible (optional feature); Rigid (optional feature); Foam
  • Material / Composition: Polymer / Plastic; Polymeric MDI
Protective Foam Strip -- PLS1324
from New Pig Corporation

Remove backing and press into place to create a soft surface that absorbs minor impact. Strips cut to size with scissors for easy application. Long-lasting adhesive holds strips in place for years; initial tack allows some repositioning during installation. Flexible strips bend around corners and... [See More]

  • Applications: Cushioning
  • Form / Shape: Molded, Cast or Fabricated Parts
  • Type: Flexible; Foam
  • Material / Composition: Polymer / Plastic; Elastomer
Baydur® RIM System -- BAYDUR 742 IBS
from Bayer MaterialScience LLC

Baydur 742 IBS is a semirigid polyurethane structural. foam system used in the reaction injection molding. (RIM) process. This system incorporates a specially. engineered interactive blowing system (IBS) and is. supplied as two reactive liquid components. Component. A is a modified polymeric... [See More]

  • Applications: Cushioning; Consumer Products Market
  • Form / Shape: Casting Resin; Molding
  • Type: Rigid; Foam
  • Material / Composition: Polymer / Plastic; Thermally cured; Polyisocyanate; Polyurethane; PMDI Isocyanate and Polyol System
Conductive Foam Cushions -- FS Series
from Device Technologies, Inc.

Constructed from conductive foam, conductive fabric, and conductive pressure sensitive adhesive tapeProvides X, Y, and Z axis conductivity which enhances shielding effectivenessUL 94 flammability ratingWide temperature range: -30ºC to 90ºC (-22ºF to 194ºF)Various thicknesses availableEasy... [See More]

  • Applications: Aerospace; Automotive / Transportation; Cushioning; Shock or Vibration Dampening; EMI Shielding; Industrial OEM; Medical; Sealing / Gasketing; Static Control
  • Form / Shape: Stock Shape / Machining Grade; Film / Sheet; Die cut
  • Type: Flexible; Foam
  • Material / Composition: Metal; Polymer / Plastic; Polyurethane; Polyolefin; Plated in Copper/Nickel or Silver
DriFast® -- ZS25GF
from FXI

Open cell polyurethane foam for outdoor use, resistant to mold and odor [See More]

  • Applications: Consumer / Furniture; Cushioning; Industrial OEM; Marine; Medical
  • Form / Shape: Stock Shape / Machining Grade; Film / Sheet; Slab / Block
  • Type: OpenCell; Flexible; Foam
  • Material / Composition: Polymer / Plastic; Elastomer; Thermally cured; Polyurethane