FFT Analysis Surface Metrology Equipment Datasheets

MarForm MMQ 200
from Mahr Federal Inc.

MMQ 200 is an automatic measuring machine for testing deviations of form. and position: For use in the production area or in the measuring room. Quick and easy handling. High measuring accuracy, optimized for cylindricity. Minimizes scrap, saves time and reduces production costs. maintenance-free... [See More]

  • Display & Special Features: FFT Analysis; PC Interface / Networkable; EasyForm 3.0 Software
  • Standards Compliance: ISO / EN; DIN
  • Measurement Capability: Form; 2D / Line Profile; Coaxiality; Cylindricity or Cylinder Gage; Differential / Taper; Eccentricity / Concentricity; Flatness; Parallelism; Squareness / Angularity; Straightness; Roundness; Runout
  • Technology: Contact / Stylus
MicroXAM - 100
from KLA-Tencor Corporation

The KLA-Tencor Development Series of 3D surface profilers offer a complete optical surface profiling solution focusing on the needs of the engineering and research community. Our 3D surface profiler products are designed to match the varied requirements of our customers through the delivery of full... [See More]

  • Display & Special Features: FFT Analysis; PC Interface / Networkable
  • Technology: Optical / Laser
  • Measurement Capability: Surface Profilometry; Area or three dimensional profile; Step Height; Roughness
  • Applications: MEMS; Semiconductors; Medical
3D Optical Profiler -- NewView™ 600s
from Zygo Corporation

Fast 3D noncontact profilometer, manual benchtop unit [See More]

  • Display & Special Features: Video / Graphic Display; FFT Analysis; Power Spectrum Density (PSD); PC Interface / Networkable; SPC or Analysis Software; Stage, 0.5X-100X Objectives, 1X Zoom
  • Standards Compliance: ASME; ISO / EN; DIN; JIS
  • Measurement Capability: Form; Surface Profilometry; 2D / Line Profile; Area or three dimensional profile; Flatness; Hybrid Parameters; Spacing; Step Height; Thickness; Waviness; Roughness; Defects, dimples or film residues; Lay / Pattern; Warp / Bow; Swedish Height (H), Peak Density, Summit Spacing & Density, 3D Surface Visualization
  • Technology: Optical / Laser