Handheld / Portable Surface Metrology Equipment Datasheets

Mobile Control and Surface Analysis Unit with Integrated Printer -- Surfcom FLEX
from Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC

SURFCOM FLEX is an easy-to-use control and analysis unit with integrated printer. It can be used in combination with the HANDYSURF and SURFCOM 130 tracing drivers. Thanks to its ease of use and robustness, SURFCOM FLEX is at home in the workshop. Small, lightweight and flexible. Thanks to its... [See More]

  • Mounting / Loading Options: Handheld or Portable
  • Applications: At-Home Workshop
  • Technology: Optical / Laser
  • Display & Special Features: Digital
MarSurf M 300
from Mahr Federal Inc.

The MarSurf M 300 was developed based on the well-proven class of M-units from Mahr. The Bluetooth interface between evaluation unit and drive unit is unique. This means for you: working even more flexibly without cable connection. A large, illuminated color display to read the parameters and the... [See More]

  • Mounting / Loading Options: Handheld or Portable
  • Standards Compliance: ASME; ISO / EN; DIN; JIS
  • Measurement Capability: Surface Profilometry; Roughness; Rvk, Rpk, Mr1, Mr2, Rmr, RSm, RPc
  • Technology: Optical / Laser