Fungus / Biofouling Condition Monitoring and Machine Maintenance Services Datasheets

Bureau Veritas North America, Inc.
from Bureau Veritas North America, Inc.

INDUSTRIAL ASSET MANAGEMENT. Bureau Veritas is an industry leader in the development, delivery and maintenance of verification schemes. Our Industrial Asset Management Services help maintain the integrity of assets at the optimum cost without compromise to safety, availability, reliability or the... [See More]

  • Services: Alignment; Form / Geometry (Straightness, Roundness, etc.); Balancing; Acoustics; Biofouling; Corrosion; Electrical; Flow/Pressure; Failure Analysis; Gaging / Dimensional Metrology; Leak/Seal; Load / Capacity Testing; NDT; Oil Analysis / Fluids Testing; Mechanical; Reliability; Thermal Imaging / Thermography; Vibration; Visual / Video Inspection; Laser / Nonc-contact
  • Capabilities: Condition Monitoring; Preventive / Corrective Maintenance; Predictive Analysis / Maintenance; TestDevelop; In-Process; DataAcq; TestFixture; Field Evaluation (On-site Inspection / Testing); Consulting / Training
  • Company Information: Bureau Veritas is a global company specializing in quality assurance, health, safety, and environmental services. With over 40,000 professionals worldwide, Bureau Veritas develops solutions that contribute to risk prevention and performance improvement.
  • Forms Tested / Certified: Components and Parts; Products; Facilities / Structures