Plastic Protective Liners and Lining Systems Datasheets

Conductive Edge Liners - CEG SERIES -- CEG-23-1 CUT 48
from Caplugs

Conductive Edge Liners - CEG SERIES. Caplugs Series CEG Edge Liners securely grip each contact of edgeboard connectors and are also used for single in-line devices. These extruded conductive edge liners are the most cost-effective way to provide both ESD and physical protection for circuit boards... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Plastic; HDPE / UHMW PE; Electronics
  • Form: Liner; Loose or Pre-fabricated Shape
  • Thickness: 0.0300
Low Friction Wear Reduction Coatings and Tapes -- Dynaglide® 633
from DeWAL

Dynaglide DW 633 is a polymeric dark green/brown colored filled PTFE compound. Manufactured in thickness range of 0.010 ″ to 0.064 ″ and slit to widths of 1/2 ″ to 12 ″. APPLICATION INFORMATION. The product has shown excellent friction and abrasion properties. Applications... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Food Contact, Pharmaceutical or Sanitary; Manufacturing; Military / Aerospace; Plastic; HDPE / UHMW PE
  • Form: Liner; Loose or Pre-fabricated Shape; Wear Plate / Strip; Casing
Metso Wear Lining and Sheeting
from Metso

Installed in chutes, spouts, hoppers and transfer points, Metso wear lining products minimizes wear and reduces noise while increasing service life. The wear lining offering includes a wide range of products designed to best support customers' needs in keeping the total cost-per-ton down. [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Mining; Plastic
  • Liner Materials: Rubber / Elastomer
  • Function: Impact; Abrasion or Sliding Wear
  • Form: Liner; Wear Plate / Strip; Tile of Sectional
Round Bottom Drum Liner -- DRM922
from New Pig Corporation

Reduces the cost associated with cleaning, reconditioning and disposing of used drums. FDA Approved polypropylene is safe for use with food and cosmetic products. Liner's contoured design is easy to insert and won't leave folds or pockets that will trap liquid. Saves time cleaning and eliminates... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Plastic; HDPE / UHMW PE
  • Thickness: 0.0040
  • Function: PrimaryContainment
  • Form: Liner; Loose or Pre-fabricated Shape
3M™ Polyurethane Protective Boots -- Business Jet/Regional Jet
from 3M Aerospace and Aircraft Maintenance Division

3M ™ Poyurethane Protective Boots are made of very tough thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer with acrylic adhesive pre-formed to fit many industrial and common aircraft applications (including radomes, wing tips, landing gear, pods, prop spinners, etc.). They provide protection against damage... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Military / Aerospace; Plastic; Business Jets/Regional Jets
  • Liner Materials: Rubber / Elastomer; Urethane / Polyurethane
  • Function: Wear; Impact; Abrasion or Sliding Wear; Scratch, Puncture, & Moisture Resistant
  • Form: Liner; Loose or Pre-fabricated Shape
Anchor-Lok™ HDPE
from Atlas Minerals and Chemicals, Inc.

Used in conjunction with concrete constructionMechanically anchored into concrete substrate [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Construction; Plastic; HDPE / UHMW PE
  • Thickness: 0.1250 to 0.3750
  • Function: Corrosion
  • Form: Liner; Loose or Pre-fabricated Shape
Bondable PTFE
from Fluoro-Plastics, Inc.

PTFE can be etched with a sodium ammonia or sodium naphthalene etch so that its surface is chemically modified for adhesion to various substrates using ordinary commercial grade epoxies. When etched for bonding, PTFE can be used as chute liners, vessel linings, and glued to processing surfaces to... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Furnace / Refractory; MetalMills; Plastic
  • Thickness: 0.0625 to 0.0938
  • Function: Abrasion or Sliding Wear
  • Liner Materials: Fluoropolymer; PTFE
Spray Foam Liner (Coating) -- Polyurea
from NCFI Polyurethanes

Polyurea liners possess a perfect combination of physical characteristics: high-caliber chemical resistance and unrivaled physical strength. These two traits are why polyurea liners are far superior to other coatings on the market. These unique coatings have the ability to protect concrete, steel,... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Chemical; Water; Walls; Plastic
  • Liner Materials: Urethane / Polyurethane
  • Function: Corrosion; Sealing or Containment; Abrasion or Sliding Wear; PrimaryContainment
  • Form: Liner; Spray-on / Spray-Cast
Chain Bed -- Redco™ Nylon & Tivar88 Chain Bed
from Redwood Plastics

Redco Nylon or Tivar 88 Chain Beds reduce chain lubricant requirements by nearly 75%; lowering maintenance costs and increasing the life of the chain. The chain bed is machined to precision, insuring the chain will be guided with accuracy. Available in either Redco Nylon SL or Tivar 88. Lightweight... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Plastic; Sawmills, Planermills
  • Form: Liner; Wear Plate / Strip
  • Function: Abrasion or Sliding Wear
from Rhino Linings USA, Inc. / Industrial Division

Impact/abrasion/chemical/corrosion/rust & skid resistance, sound deadening. [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Cement; Chemical; Crushers & Mills; Environmental Remediation; Food Contact, Pharmaceutical or Sanitary; PowerGeneration; PulpPaper; MetalMills; Material Handling; Mining; Manufacturing; Oil & Gas; Packaging or Containers; Construction; Military / Aerospace; Water; Automotive or Transportation; Marine; Flooring; Walls; Plastic; Pipes / Piping; Vessels; Aggregate, Plating
  • Thickness: 0.0625 to ?
  • Function: Corrosion; Impact; Abrasion or Sliding Wear; Sound Attenuation or Sound Proofing; PrimaryContainment; SecondaryContainment; High Hydraulic Stability
  • Liner Materials: Urethane / Polyurethane
Industrial Potable Water Coating -- W9200 System
from Rust-Oleum Corporation

USDA, FDA, approved for steel and cement potable water tanks, self priming [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Water; Plastic; Pipes / Piping; Vessels; Valves, Hydrants
  • Liner Materials: Epoxy
  • Function: Sealing or Containment; PrimaryContainment
  • Form: Liner; Spray-on / Spray-Cast
ConoFlex Urethane Lining -- No. 381
from Sauereisen, Inc.

Sauereisen ConoFlex Urethane No. 381 is an aromatic polyurethane lining that provides excellent flexibility and impact resistance for concrete, steel, and other substrates. No. 381 is a chemically resistant, lining combining toughness, elongation, and low permeability with a fast cure time. Typical... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Cement; Food Contact, Pharmaceutical or Sanitary; Plastic; Vessels
  • Thickness: 0.0600
  • Function: Impact; PrimaryContainment; SecondaryContainment
  • Liner Materials: Urethane / Polyurethane