Chemical / Materials Processing Copper, Brass, and Bronze Alloys Datasheets

AMPCO® Aluminum Bronze -- AMPCO® 8 Extruded

AMPCO ® 8 extruded has a high tensile strength and a good yield along with an inherent toughness and ductility not usually found in a single alpha phase aluminium bronze. During the extrusion process the metal is hot worked resulting in a compact grain structure free of inclusions or other... [See More]

  • Applications: Chemical or material processing; Marine
  • Shape / Form: Billet / Bloom (optional feature); Plate (optional feature); Profile or Structural Shape; Semi-finished, Mill Stock or Near Net Shapes
  • Type: Brass, Bronze or Copper Alloy
  • Features: Wrought; Corrosion Resistant; Cold Finished, Rolled or Cold Drawn; Extruded; Heat Resistant; Wear Resistant
C95500 Nickel Aluminum Bronze "9D" -- Centrifugal Bar Stock
from National Bronze & Metals Inc.

C95500 Nickel Aluminum Bronze "9D" ASTM B505. Typical Uses for C95500 Nickel Aluminum Bronze "9D": BUILDERS HARDWARE: Window Hardware. CONSUMER: Piano Keys, Musical Instruments. ELECTRICAL: Electrical Hardware. FASTENERS: Stuffing Box Nuts. INDUSTRIAL: Pickling Equipment, Valve Guides, Piston... [See More]

  • Applications: Bearings or Bearing Quality; BuildingConstruction; Chemical or material processing; Marine; Wear resistant parts or tooling
  • UNS C: 95500
  • Type: Brass, Bronze or Copper Alloy
  • CDA Grade: 955
Copper-Tungsten Sheet / Foil
from Rhenium Alloys, Inc.

Rhenium Alloys offers Copper-Tungsten in sheet and foil. For over 45 years, Rhenium Alloys has been delivering high performance refractory metals to customers who desire an alloy that can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments. Typical Applications. • Aerospace Propulsion. •... [See More]

  • Applications: Aerospace or Aircraft Quality; Chemical or material processing; Electronics or semiconductors; HV / Electrical; Resistance Alloy / Heating; Wear resistant parts or tooling; Radar Systems, Components, Sputtering Targets, Heating Elements, Shields & Liners
  • Shape / Form: Foil; Sheet; Semi-finished, Mill Stock or Near Net Shapes
  • Type: Composite
Copper And Bronze Alloys -- Phos Bronze C Electrode
from Universal Wire Works Inc.

Universal Phos-Bronze C is an all position Phos-Bronze electrode used for joining copper base alloys to themselves and to stainless steels and cast irons. It is excellent for overlays on pumps, shafts, impellers and propeller blades. Universal Phos-Bronze C is used for building up bearing journals... [See More]

  • Applications: Chemical or material processing
  • Shape / Form: Coated Electrodes
  • Type: Brass, Bronze or Copper Alloy
  • Features: Corrosion Resistant