Hot Melt / Heat Activated Adhesive Tapes Datasheets

Single Coated Tape with Liner -- 3199V
from Berry Plastics Corporation - Engineered Materials Division

Liner Side Adhesive. Elastomeric heat sealable adhesive. Adhesive bonds at temperatures between 200 to 250 °F. Common Applications. Label: identification [See More]

  • Adhesive: Single; Hot Melt, Heat Bond, or Thermally Activated
  • Backing: Paper; Polyester; Plastic / Polymer; Silicone
  • Type: Adhesive Tape; Industrial Tape
  • Temperature Resistance: 71.11
3M Scotch 371 Box Sealing Tape 48mm x 100m Transparent -- 371 48MM X 100M TRANSP
from Ellsworth Adhesives

Industrial packaging tape used for box sealing, splicing, recouperage and other packaging applications. This product has a conformable backing and a consistent pressure sensitive hot melt synthetic rubber adhesive system. 48mm x 100m. [See More]

  • Adhesive: Hot Melt, Heat Bond, or Thermally Activated; Pressure Sensitive; Rubber
  • Backing: Rubber
  • Type: Packaging Tape; Adhesive Tape; Industrial Tape
  • Width: 1.89
Double Coated Tape -- D5900
from Champion Tape

Champion Tape manufactures and distributes the most specialized tapes and masking products in the world. We also offer a wide range of standard products to complement the markets we serve. Please select from our product list below. If you need a tape that you do not see, please let us know and we... [See More]

  • Adhesive: Double- Sided; Acrylic; Hot Melt, Heat Bond, or Thermally Activated
  • Backing: Foam
  • Type: Double Coated and Transfer Tape; Adhesive Tape; Industrial Tape
  • Thickness: 0.0433
Heat Activated Film -- HAF 8400
from tesa tape, inc.

HAF 8400 is a double-sided thermosetting brown adhesive film without backing, that is based on phenolic resin and nitrile rubber. At room temperature HAF 8400 is not tacky. It is activated for pre-lamination by heat and starts to become tacky at 90 deg [See More]

  • Adhesive: Hot Melt, Heat Bond, or Thermally Activated; Rubber
  • Backing: Plastic / Polymer; Rubber
  • Type: Adhesive Tape; Industrial Tape; Heat-Activated Film
  • Thickness: 0.0106
Thermoplastic Hot-Melt Adhesive Tape -- Z-Block (100) Tape
from Zippertubing Co. (The)

Z-Block Tape is a Polyamide hot-melt adhesive designed to â € œwater block â € electrical wire and cables that utilize a secondary heat shrinkable outer jacket. The adhesive is compatible with Polyolefin, Polyvinylchloride, and EVA type heat shrinkable tubing plus Copper... [See More]

  • Adhesive: Hot Melt, Heat Bond, or Thermally Activated
  • Backing: Polyamide
  • Type: Adhesive Tape
  • Thickness: 0.0120