Test / Certify To:Other Flammability and Fire Testing Services Datasheets

Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC
from Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC

Proper maintenance and calibration are critical to maximize the reliability of your test data. A poorly maintained instrument can produce results that diminish the repeatability and reproducibility of the data. Instrument downtime delays your product's time to market. Atlas is committed to helping... [See More]

  • Standards (Test / Certify To): ASTM; MIL-SPEC; ISO; ICH; SAE
  • Capabilities: TestDevelop; Comparison; Testing; R&D; TestFixture; Consulting / Training
  • Company Information: Atlas is a recognized leader in material testing, offering a complete line of instruments and services for accelerated and natural weathering.
  • Certifications: IEC; MIL-SPEC; OEM; ISO; ICH; SAE; ASTM
Element Materials Technology
from Element Materials Technology

Element Flame Resistance and Fire Proof Testing capabilities. The experts at Element East-West Technology in Jupiter, Florida, can perform fire resistance/fire proof testing in accordance with SAE, UL, FAA, NFPA, and ASME specifications. Single and multi-burner configurations and liquid and propane... [See More]

  • Standards (Test / Certify To): ASTM; ISO; NRC; MIL-SPEC; CFR; NFPA; SAE, UL, FAA, ASME, ISO
  • Capabilities: TestDevelop; Comparison; Testing; Certification; R&D; TestFixture; SamplePrep; Field Evaluation (On-site Inspection / Testing); Qualification / Commisioning
  • Company Information: Element Materials Technology tests thousands of products from every conceivable industry for research and development, performance verification, failure analysis, or comparison purposes. What you know can help you.
  • Certifications: A2LA; ANSI; ASTM; FCC; IECEE; IndustryCanada; NotifiedBody; NVLAP; RvA; SCC; AAMA; WDMA
Sherry Laboratories
from Sherry Laboratories

Sherry's nonmetallic laboratoryperforms flammability testing on materials such as composites, textiles andplastic. Flammability services include: Vertical, horizontal, and 45° and 60° burn tests per FAR 23.853 and FAR 25.853. ASTM, UL 94, MVSS 302, FAA, and others. Flammability DER on staff for... [See More]

  • Standards (Test / Certify To): ASTM; ISO; NRTL (UL, CSA, TUV, etc.); FAA; FMVSS; FAR
  • Capabilities: Comparison; Testing; Certification; TestFixture
  • Company Information: Sherry Laboratories helps companies protect their reputation and mitigate risk by providing a comprehensive range of legally defensible third-party testing and engineering services.
  • Certifications: A2LA; ISO 17025:2005