Product Type / Form:Other Polymer Concrete and Mortar Datasheets

from BASF USA Corporation

Patented water repellent block design dramatically improves joint integrity [See More]

  • Product Type / Form: Precast, molded or fabricated shape; Block
  • Technology / Cure Type: Air
  • Bond & Processing: PolymerModified
  • Applications: BuildingConstruction; Flooring; Walls
Acid-Alk Cement Mortar Grade -- No. 33
from Sauereisen, Inc.

Sauereisen Acid-Alk Cement No. 33 - Mortar Grade is the original one-part, chemical-setting, inorganic, modified silicate base cement. Supplied in powder form, No. 33 - Mortar Grade is mixed with potable water. Acid-Alk Cement Mortar Grade is specifically formulated to be used as a mortar in acid... [See More]

  • Product Type / Form: Cement or Binder; Mortar
  • Technology / Cure Type: Chemical
  • Bond & Processing: PolymerBond
  • Cure Time: 30 to 2160