Heat Setting / Thermoset Specialty Cement, Concrete, and Mortar Datasheets

Vitrobond® Corrosion Res. Mortar
from Atlas Minerals and Chemicals, Inc.

VITROBOND is a plasticized, hot-pour, silica filled sulfurbased mortar which was introduced by ATLAS in 1931as its first corrosion resistant mortar. Since that time,VITROBOND has become the industry standard foreconomical hot-pour cements. The exclusiveformulation of VITROBOND produces a compound... [See More]

  • Technology / Cure Type: Heat Setting or Thermoset
  • Filler / Aggregate: Silicate / Clay; Silicate Filled Sulfur Based Mortar
  • Product Type / Form: Ingots
  • MOR / Flexural Strength: 1800
Epoxy Novolak Mortar/Setting Bed -- No. 25
from Sauereisen, Inc.

Sauereisen Epoxy NovolaK Mortar/Setting Bed is a three-component material used for bonding chemical-resistant masonry units. No. 25 is available in 3 versions. The standard grade is combined with brick or tile to protect concrete and steel substrates from attack by corrosive chemicals and physical... [See More]

  • Technology / Cure Type: Heat Setting or Thermoset; Two or More Components
  • Bond / Binder: PolymerBond; Epoxy
  • Product Type / Form: Mortar
  • Cure Time: 960 to 4320