DC Brushless Design Linear Motors Datasheets

Ironcore Linear Motor -- ILF Series
from ETEL S.A.

The ILF ironless linear motors are small size motors perfectly suited for very high dynamic and low moving mass applications. In addition, the total absence of force ripple ensures perfect speed stability and makes ILF suited for any scanning applications were speed control is a key specification. [See More]

  • Linear Motor Type: DC Brushless Design
  • Peak Force: 24.3 to 184.3
  • Continuous Thrust: 4.5 to 30.6
  • Maximum Speed: 787.4
Brushless Linear Motors -- BLDM-A02
from H2W Technologies

Equivalent to Baldor motor LMCF02A. [See More]

  • Linear Motor Type: DC Brushless Design
  • Peak Force: 3.6
  • Continuous Thrust: 1.2
  • Continuous Current: 1.7 to 5.1
Linear Motors -- 40202C
from Moog Components Group

Moog tubular linear motors offer an advantage over current technology in weight, size, maintenance costs, environmental considerations, precision, speed, control, programmability, reliability and noise. Moog offers the motion control industry an attractive alternative to hydraulic, pneumatic and... [See More]

  • Linear Motor Type: DC Brushless Design
  • Peak Force: 410.0
  • Continuous Thrust: 80.0
  • Maximum Speed: 180.0
Linear Motor Module -- LMS20-C2 [LMS20-C2 from PBA Systems]
from Alliance for Precision Systems, Div of TPA, LLC

Linear motor module, high speed, aluminum profile, zero backlash [See More]

  • Linear Motor Type: Moving Coil; DC Brushless Design
  • Peak Force: 16.4
  • Continuous Thrust: 4.8
  • Maximum Speed: 196.9

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