Linear Stepping Design Linear Motors Datasheets

10 lb Single Axis Linear Stepper Forcer -- STS-1220-A4U
from H2W Technologies

Linear steppers are designed to move light loads very quickly (or very slowly) They are supplied with integral air bearings that guide the forcer as it moves down the platen (track). The forcer assembly is normally the moving component. There are mounting holes on the top of forcer to allow for... [See More]

  • Linear Motor Type: Linear Stepping Design
  • Peak Force: 11.0
  • Continuous Thrust: 11.0
  • Continuous Current: 2
Permanent Magnet Linear -- PL25L-024
from NMB Technologies Corporation

PL25L-024 Permanent Magnet Linear can be the perfect solution for your application's power output needs. Review the part provided to learn whether the size and electrical requirements are well suited to your project. You're sure to find the right motor for almost any application with NMB. To... [See More]

  • Linear Motor Type: Linear Stepping Design
  • Design Units: English Design