Base Oil / Base Stock Petroleum and Mineral Oil Products Datasheets

Industrial Oil
from Phillips 66 Lubricants

Highly Refined Paraffinic Mineral Oil. Industrial Oil is a highly refined, non-compounded (no additives) paraffinic mineral oil recommended for use as a high-quality process oil, diluent oil, flush oil or blending component for other lubricants. It also is recommended for general-purpose lubrication... [See More]

  • Type / Function: Base / Process Oil
  • Viscosity Index: 87 to 108
  • Kinematic Viscosity: 12.6 to 460.0
  • Specific Gravity: 0.8550 to 0.8900
Group II/II+ Premium Base Oils -- 100R
from Chevron Base Oils

Chevron Neutral Oil 100R, 150R, 220R, 600R and 110RLV produced from Richmond, California and Yeosu, South Korea are part of our global base oil slate for the purposes of base oil interchange and equivalency as defined by the API Publication 1509, and the ATIEL Code of Practice for Developing Engine... [See More]

  • Type / Function: Base / Process Oil
  • Viscosity Index: 102
  • Kinematic Viscosity: 20.3
  • Specific Gravity: 0.8530
Industrial Fluids -- Sentry Oils
from CITGO Petroleum Corporation

CITGO Sentry Oils are a complete line of well-refined, non-additive mineral oils for bearing and other general purpose lubrication. They are made from high viscosity index base stocks having low carbon residues and high flash points. Available in several viscosity grades, these oils provide good... [See More]

  • Type / Function: Lubricant; Base / Process Oil
  • Composition / Chemistry: Petroleum or Mineral Oil
ExxonMobil™ aromatic fluids
from ExxonMobil Chemical Company

ExxonMobil aromatic fluids are heavy aromatic grades with high solvency and controlled evaporation characteristics that make them versatile performers in many industrial and agricultural applications. Outside of the United States, they are marketed under the Solvesso ™ aromatic fluids name. [See More]

  • Type / Function: Base / Process Oil
  • Applications: Fluids for Refining, Fuels and Lube Additives
  • Composition / Chemistry: Aromatic / PAH; Petroleum or Mineral Oil
Process Oils -- BRICK OIL
from Total Lubricants USA, Inc.

Low viscosity mineral oil designed for non-critical, general purpose lubrication such as bearings and gears operating under moderate loads and temperatures, machine tools, and electric motors. Also suitable for use as a dust control agent or flushing oil. [See More]

  • Type / Function: Base / Process Oil
  • Composition / Chemistry: Mineral Oil; Petroleum or Mineral Oil