Heating and Cooling Heat Transfer Fluid -- Paratherm MR®
from Paratherm — Heat Transfer Fluids

The Paratherm MR ® mid-range heat transfer fluid is rated for service from 36 °F to 550 °F. It is efficient across the temperature range, thermally stable and cost-effective. Non-aromatic and non-toxic, the food-grade fluid is safe to use and is easy to dispose. Used or contaminated... [See More]

  • Applications: Food Contact Approved; Process Equipment, Tanks, Reactor or Lines; Batch Reactors, Laminating Lines, Plastic Mold
  • Specific Gravity: 0.8028
  • Kinematic Viscosity: 6.5
  • Use Temperature: 36 to 550
3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluid -- 7000
from 3M Electronics Design & Manufacturing

3M ™ Novec ™ 7000 Engineered Fluid, 1-methoxyheptafluoropropane, is a nonflammable, low global warming potential (GWP) heat transfer fluid capable of reaching -120 °C. It is also useful as a direct expansion refrigerant. Benefits. • Low GWP (370, 100-year ITH). • Excellent... [See More]

  • Applications: Electrical / Electronic; Fuel Cells
  • Specific Gravity: 1.4
  • Kinematic Viscosity: 0.3
  • Use Temperature: -184 to 75
Tap Tool -- 9106
from Aervoe Industries Incorporated

Inc. tool life up to 200%, reduces breakage & friction, carries heat away [See More]

  • Applications: Drilling Tapping Milling Boring Reaming
  • Use Temperature: 40 to 110
  • Specific Gravity: 0.8800
  • Composition / Chemistry: Synthetic or Semi-synthetic
Shell Diesel Ready -- Code 94068
from Shell Lubricants

Shell Diesel Ready Fully Formulated Coolant/Antifreeze is a conventional, single-phase, ethylene glycol based heavy-duty diesel engine coolant with silicate, nitrite and molybdate. This product is not an extended life coolant and requires regular additions of supplemental coolant additives (SCA... [See More]

  • Applications: Automotive or Transportation; Internal Combustion Engines; Diesel Engines
  • Composition / Chemistry: Water Soluble / Emulsion; Synthetic or Semi-synthetic; Polyglycol or Water-Glycol
  • Specific Gravity: 1.13
  • Grade / Approvals: ASTM D 3306/6210/4985