Anti-Seize Thread Compound -- 767 [767 from Henkel Corporation]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

13 oz Aerosol; Heavy Duty, Temperature-Resistant, Petroleum Based Lubricant Compound Fortified w/Graphite and Metallic Flake; for Use in Assemblies Up to 1600 °F [See More]

  • Applications: Aerospace; Internal Combustion Engines; Process Equipment, Tanks, Reactor or Lines
  • Specific Gravity: ? to 1.7
  • Composition / Chemistry: Anti-seize, Thread Compound
  • Features: Anti-Seize Compound or Thread Lubricant; Corrosion Inhibiting or Rust Preventative
Air Dry MoS2 Solid Film Lubricant -- Lubri-Bond®220
from Everlube Products

Lubri-Bond 220 is an air drying, MoS2 based solid film lubricant with an epoxy binder system. This coating provides good corrosion resistance and performs best in higher load carrying applications. It is ideal for applications that do not require a thermally cured coating. Lubri-Bond 220 is also an... [See More]

  • Applications: Aerospace; Bearings; Machine, Gears, Spindles, Ways and Final Drives; Mil-Spec or Military
  • Specific Gravity: 0.9946
  • Composition / Chemistry: Molybdenum or Metal Sulphide
  • Use Temperature: -100 to 250
APC-963 H.D. Corrosion Inhibitor -- 963
from Aervoe Industries Incorporated

Removes moisture, safe on fabric, paint, rubber, and plastics [See More]

  • Applications: Aerospace; Bare Metal, Battery Terminals, Cables
  • Use Temperature: 35 to 120
  • Specific Gravity: 0.8000
  • Features: Aerosol, Sprayable or Misting; Corrosion Inhibiting or Rust Preventative
AST™ Silicone Lubricant -- 17067
from Anti-Seize Technology

Provides a non-tacky film of lubrication, excellent release properties [See More]

  • Applications: Aerospace; Automotive or Transportation; Machine, Gears, Spindles, Ways and Final Drives; Marine
  • Use Temperature: -40 to 400
  • Composition / Chemistry: Silicone
  • Features: Aerosol, Sprayable or Misting
Alseal 310
from Coatings For Industry, Inc.

The primary use of Alseal 310 is to provide dry film lubrication, excellent anti-stick properties and water repellence. It also has non-yellowing, non-chalking properties, excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance, hardness and good chemical resistance. Further, as a water-based material, Alseal... [See More]

  • Applications: Aerospace; Gas Turbines
  • Features: Aerosol, Sprayable or Misting
  • Composition / Chemistry: Fluoropolymer / PTFE (e.g., Teflon®)