TechniMat® Carbon Paper -- 6100-020
from Lydall Filtration/Separation, Inc.

Technimat is a carbon paper with no pTFE content and has been developed for use in pre-preg operations. The dispersion and controlled porosity of Technimat make it particularly suitable for applications, which require pyrolysed diffusion layers. Technimat exists in a number of basis weights, from... [See More]

  • Material: Carbon or Graphite; Ceramic
  • Thickness: 0.0037 to 0.0047
  • Textie Product Type: Nonwoven
ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics And Textiles -- ARMATEX® G Series
from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

Mid-Mountain's line of ARMATEX ® G Series Graphite Coated Fabrics is comprised of high temperature fabrics coated with a specially formulated graphite-based refractory compound. This graphite-based compound, in combination with the fabric, creates a product that has enhanced resistance to... [See More]

  • Material: Carbon or Graphite; Fiberglass; Ceramic
  • Features: Thermal Insulation
Netting -- XT24
from Apex Mills

Fabrics can incorporate anti-microbial and stain resistant finishes [See More]

  • Material: Carbon or Graphite; Ceramic; Synthetic
  • Fabric Weight: 8.5
  • Textie Product Type: Knitted
  • Applications: Apparel; Automotive / Transportation; Medical