Ground Bond Testers Ground Resistance Testers Datasheets

4-in-1 500 VA Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer -- 8254
from Associated Research, Inc.

OMNIA ® II Model 8254 provides AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance and Ground Bond / Continuity tests in a single DUT connection. Test functionality includes 5 kV 100 mAAC Hipot (500 VA), 5 kV 20 mADC Hipot, Insulation Resistance and a 40 Amp Ground Bond. An optional built-in 8 port... [See More]

  • Types of Measurements: Insulation Resistance; Ground Bond
  • Interfaces: RS232; USB
  • Display: DigitalMeter
  • DC Current Out: 0.0 to 0.0200
Ground and Insulation Tester -- Sterling 2088
from Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd.

Ground resistance and resistivity measurement. Clamp-on ground resistance test. Three or four probes ground resistance and resistivity test. Insulation testing up to 29.9 GOhm with test voltage 50 to 1000V. True RMS AC current measurement 0.1 to 200A (0.1mA resolution). Continuity test. Varistor... [See More]

  • Types of Measurements: Insulation Resistance; Grounding Systems Resistance; Ground Bond
  • Interfaces: RS232
  • Display: DigitalMeter
  • Resistance Range: 0.0 to 1999
Used Insulation / Ground Testing
from Electro Rent Corporation

» 7-Day Acceptance Period. » 1-Year Warranty and Extended Warranties Available. » Units are Calibrated and Refurbished [See More]

  • Types of Measurements: Ground Bond
Earth-Rite FIBC
from Newson Gale Inc.

The Earth-Rite FIBC system monitors the resistance of Type C FIBC bags ensuring that the conductive elements of the bag are capable of dissipating static charges in compliance with Cenelec CLC/TR: 50404. The FIBC system can be setup to ensure that operators ground the bag before operations are... [See More]

  • Types of Measurements: Grounding Systems Resistance; Ground Bond
  • Resistance Range: ? to 100000
  • Display: LEDIndicator
  • Form Factor: Wall Mount
Hipot Tester Model -- 19570
from Chroma ATE, Inc.

Compact size, proven reliability, wide resistance measurement range [See More]

  • Types of Measurements: Ground Bond
  • Interfaces: GPIB; RS232; PrinterPort
  • Display: DigitalMeter
  • AC Current Out: 3 to 30
Multi-Function Ground Resistance Tester -- Model 6470 [Model 6470 from AEMC Instruments]
from Fotronic Corporation / Test Equipment Depot

The Digital Ground Resistance Tester Model 6470-B performs grounding resistance, earth coupling measurement, soil resistivity and bonding tests. This direct reading tester measures from 0.01 to 99,000 Ω, and is auto-ranging, automatically seeking out the optimum measurement range test current... [See More]

  • Types of Measurements: Earth Continuity; Grounding Systems Resistance; Ground Bond; Soil Resistivity
  • Interfaces: USB
  • Display: DigitalMeter
  • Resistance Range: 1.00E-5 to 99.99
Instrument For Grounding Circuit Measurements -- LET-500-VPC
from SMC International

The set contains two distinct functions, the current injection and the voltage measurement. In the injection of current, a variable autotransformer of current regulation is connected to a current producer transformer with various ranges of output. The current produced is measured with a shunt system... [See More]

  • Types of Measurements: Grounding Systems Resistance; Ground Bond
  • AC Current Out: 0.0 to 50
  • Display: DigitalMeter
  • AC Voltage Out: 0.0 to 1000