Female , Euro Ctr Straight Reverse 250VAC/DC 4A -- 78071658033-1 [RKSW45-TR from TURCK Inc.]
from Carlton-Bates Company

Connectors and Terminators: Connector Type - Female , Euro Ctr; Keyway - Reverse; Angle - Straight; Poles - 5-Pole; Terminals - Screw; Voltage - 250VAC/DC; Amps - 4A; Material - TPU Shell, Nickel Plated Brass Nut; Connector Mating Size - M12x1; Application/Rating - IEC - IP 67; Additional... [See More]

  • Poles: 5P
  • Device Type: Receptacle
  • Power Type: AC Power Connector; DC Power Connector
  • Configuration: IEC
EPIC® 90° Angled Protected Wall Mounting Appliance Inlets (IP44) -- CEE Series
from Lapp Group

Characteristics: Suitable for both wall mounting and mounting on machines. Incorporates a smooth upper wall for drilling a cable entry hole and a very thick self-extinguishing plug body and case. Available in 20 & 30A North American and 16 & 32A international configurations. Uses: Indoor... [See More]

  • Poles: 2P (optional feature); 3P (optional feature); 4P (optional feature); 5P (optional feature)
  • Device Type: Plug (optional feature); Receptacle (optional feature)
  • Power Type: AC Power Connector; DC Power Connector
  • Configuration: IEC; NEMA
PLUG RECEPTACLE 30AMP 5W 5POLE -- APJ3575 [APJ3575 from Cooper Crouse-Hinds]
from PLCCenter.com, A Div. Radwell International

Finding an industrial MRO supplier with CROUSE HINDS APJ3575 in stock isn't always easy - you need a experienced, global company with a high level of both knowledge and service. At PLCCenter.com our #1 goal is the satisfaction of our customers - we strive to develop market-leading products and... [See More]

  • Poles: 5P
  • Current Rating: 30A
  • Device Type: Receptacle
ARK-trol® -- RPC117-150-P08N
from Cooper Crouse-Hinds

Industrial use, driptight, weather resistant, dust tight [See More]

  • Poles: 5P
  • Device Type: Plug
  • Power Type: AC Power Connector
  • Applications: Commercial; Industrial