Boltless Industrial Shelving and Racking Datasheets

Shelving for Record Storage (42"W X 30"D X 75"H) -- SRD8051
from Rousseau Metal inc.

General Characteristics. The unique shape of the Spider ® post is a Rousseau Metal inc. trademark. Load capacity and a design adapted to manual storage in most industrial and commercial sectors. An extremely versatile structure, to which a wide range of accessories can be added. A functional... [See More]

  • Type: Shelving; Boltless
  • Shelving/Racking Options: Open
  • Category: Industrial
  • Capacity: 600
E-Z-RECT Trim-Line Boltless Shelving -- 5662100
from C&H Distributors, LLC

E-Z-RECT Trim-Line Boltless Shelving is easy to assemble, adjust, and add on to. Shelves attach to posts quickly and securely via a boltless locking beam hook connection. 14-gauge steel posts; 18-gauge steel shelf frame. 5/8 " particleboard shelves. Includes (4) shelves that adjust on 1 "... [See More]

  • Type: Shelving; Boltless
  • Shelving/Racking Options: Open
  • Category: Industrial
  • Capacity: 390
15-Box Rivet Rite Rack Storage -- 5438800
from Hassel Material Handling Co.

Place all your records and archives in one convenient location on these rigid, strong Box Storage Systems. Available with either 5/8 " particleboard decking or 18-ga. steel decking. Shelf capacity: up to 750 lbs. Holds up to 40 files boxes. Ships unassembled. 18-Box Storage and Reference... [See More]

  • Type: Boltless
  • Depth: 24
  • Capacity: 750
  • Width: 42
Boltless Sloping and Storage Shelving System

The boltless sloping shelving systems are particularly suitable for bulk merchandise such as small packages of screws or for storing small parts in small storage boxes. The inclination of the shelves provides better access to the inventory items. Inventory goods, such as cartons, slide automatically... [See More]

  • Type: Shelving; Boltless; Gravity Flow
  • Shelving/Racking Options: Open
  • Category: Industrial; Commercial
  • Depth: 19.69 to 51.18
from Raymond Handling Consultants, L.C.


  • Type: Shelving; Boltless
  • Depth: 12
  • Category: Commercial
  • Length: 84