Wrought Tool Steels Datasheets

420 ESR Tool Steel -- Sheet
from Allegheny Ludlum Corp.

Superior internal cleanliness combined with good corrosion resistance [See More]

  • Features: Wrought; Cold Finished, Rolled or Cold Drawn (optional feature); Corrosion Resistant; Hot Rolled (optional feature)
  • UNS Number (T): 42000
  • Tool Steel Type (Grade): Die, Mold or Cold Work D or M Grades; Stainless Steel, Normally UNS S, but also UNS N or K; ToolSteel
  • Specifications: ASTM / ASME; UNS
Matrix Type High Speed Steel -- YXR3
from Hitachi Metals America, LLC

Hitachi Metals has developed a new matrix type high speed steel with high toughness and strength. The "YXR Series" consists of three different grades: YXR33, YXR3, and YXR7 depending upon the required properties and application. These newly developed products offer extended tool life by providing... [See More]

  • Features: Wrought
  • Specifications: Proprietary Grade
  • Tool Steel Type (Grade): Oil Hardening O Grades; M or T High Speed Grades; ToolSteel
  • Tempers & Finishes: Oil quenched, tempered at 550-580 degrees Celsius