Thermocouple Alloy Alumel®
from Leading Edge Metals and Alloys, Inc.

Used in conjunction with Chromel ® in type K thermocouples, Alumel ®1 is made of nickel, manganese, aluminum and silicon. [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Semi-finished, Mill Stock or Near Net Shapes (optional feature); Bar Stock (optional feature); Plate (optional feature); Wire (optional feature); Sheet (optional feature)
  • Thickness: 1.00E-3 to 2
  • Type: Specialty Nonferrous Alloy
  • Width / OD: 12 to 24
Metal Matrix Composites -- AM 162 Rolled Sheet
from Materion Corporation

AM 162 Rolled Sheet minimizes stress from vibration on leads, solder joints & substrates, increases fatigue life of electronic packages, reduced section thickness, adjusts for platform requirements. AM 162 Rolled Sheet is 62% commercially pure beryllium and 38% commercially pure aluminum in... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Semi-finished, Mill Stock or Near Net Shapes; Sheet
  • Applications: Aerospace or Aircraft Quality
  • Type: Composite