Type:Other Monomers, Intermediates, and Base Polymers Datasheets

Glycerine Initiated, 700 Molecular Weight, Homopolymer Triol Polyol -- VORANOL™ 2070
from Dow Polyurethanes

VORANOL ™ 2070 Polyol is a glycerine initiated, 700 molecular weight, homopolymer triol Polyol. It was developed for the production of viscoelastic flexible foams, also known as "low resilience foam" or "memory foam". It can also be used in the manufacture of coatings, flooring, structural... [See More]

  • End Product: Other; Foams
  • Material Type: Polyol
  • Chemical Structure: Prepolymer
  • Functional Level: Monofunctional
Allophanate -- Mondur MA-2300
from Covestro LLC

The versatility of polyurethane cast elastomers provides you with the opportunity to achieve almost any desired physical property for your specific application requirements. This inherent versatility makes urethane cast elastomers the material of choice for a broad range of uses in some of the most... [See More]

  • End Product: Other; Liquid
  • Material Type: Isocyanates
  • Chemical Structure: Monomer
  • Functional Level: Difunctional

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