Industry:Other Leveling and Filling Compounds Datasheets

from Dow Polyurethanes

MARK-263 FLEXOTHANE-P is a highly flexible, solvent-less, two-part elastomeric urethane system designed as a pourable material for filling horizontal expansion joints in concrete structures. Features. Retains its flexibility during wide temperature variations from –40 F to 250 F. Excellent... [See More]

  • Industry: Construction; Infrastructure Seals and Skid-resistant & Waterproof Coatings, Road Construction
  • Cure / Technology: Thermoset; Two Component  
  • Chemical System: Polyurethane
  • Type / Form: Liquid
Abrasion Resistant UV Curable Coating System -- UV11-3
from Master Bond, Inc.

Master Bond UV14-3 is a new one component, flexible, UV curable polymer system for bonding, sealing and coating with the convenient feature of being readily removable by most conventional solvents. It is a 100% reactive, moderate viscosity liquid at ambient temperatures which does not contain any... [See More]

  • Industry: Aerospace; Automotive; Electronics; Electric Power; Marine; Military; OEM or Industrial
  • Type / Form: Liquid
  • Cure / Technology: Single Component
  • Features: High Dielectric; Non-corrosive; Sealant; Thermal Insulation; Adhesive
Mineral-based Inorganic Powder -- PC® 85 Powder
from Pittsburgh Corning (FOAMGLAS® insulation)

A mineral-based inorganic powder that has been formulated for filling open surface cells of cellular glass when used in liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and hot tank base insulation. It is used with appropriate interleaving materials to achieve the desired weight load distribution under EN 826 or... [See More]

  • Industry: Insulation Systems
  • Features: Sealant; Adhesive
  • Type / Form: Powder
  • Substrate Compatibility: FOAMGLAS®
ArmorSeal® 5020 Resurfacer
from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings

ArmorSeal ®5020 EPOXY FLOOR RESURFACER is a trowelable epoxy surfacing and leveling compound for new and old floors of concrete, wood, or steel where a high degree of chemical and abrasion resistance is required. The physical properties of ArmorSeal ®5020 are much higher than those of... [See More]

  • Industry: Electric Power; Marine; Sanitary; OEM or Industrial; Pharmaceutical Houses
  • Composition: Unfilled
  • Chemical System: Epoxy
  • Cure / Technology: Thermoset; Single Component
Aremco-Bond™ Epoxy -- 526N
from Aremco Products, Inc.

Clear-amber, system for tough bonding applications [See More]

  • Industry: Electronics; OEM or Industrial; Motor Assembly
  • Composition: Unfilled
  • Chemical System: Epoxy
  • Cure / Technology: Thermoset
Dureflex® TPU Aromatic Polyester -- PS7000
from Covestro LLC

The PS7000 and PS8000 Series are families of aromatic polyester polyurethane film/sheet products which exhibit excellent resistance to petrochemicals such as gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, and many other solvents. These products are recommended for adhesion to fabrics as a protective and... [See More]

  • Industry: Sanitary; Healthcare
  • Type / Form: Sheet or Film
  • Chemical System: Polyurethane
  • Features: Flame Retardant; Sealant; Adhesive
Hi-Temp Lab-metal
from Dampney Company, Inc.

Hi-Temp Lab-metal is ready-to-use right from the can. Developed for difficult repairs subject to excessive heat, Hi-Temp Lab-metal withstands temperatures as high as 1000┬║F. [See More]

  • Industry: Automotive; Construction; Welding
  • Cure / Technology: Thermoset
  • Composition: Filled
  • Substrate Compatibility: Ceramic, Glass; Metal; Plastic; Wood
Ultrabond® -- 758
from Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.

HERNON ® offers a complete line of ultraviolet curing adhesives and compounds, the Ultrabond ® line of products. These products are single component systems offering either ultraviolet light or ultraviolet light & primer initiated curing mechanisms. All Ultrabond ® products cure upon... [See More]

  • Industry: Aerospace; Automotive; Electronics; Electric Power; Marine; Military; Construction; OEM or Industrial; Potting Coating Electronic Components
  • Composition: Unfilled
  • Chemical System: Acrylic
  • Cure / Technology: Single Component
Conocrete - Fast Patch -- No. 149
from Sauereisen, Inc.

ConoCrete - Fast Patch No. 149 is a three-component, fast setting epoxy monolithic that is designed for patching cracks and holes. This material is ideal for use on highways, bridge decks,. docks, ramps, traffic aisles, industrial floors and airport runways. Fast Patch No. 149 produces extremely... [See More]

  • Industry: Construction; Highways, Ramps, Airport Runways
  • Composition: Unfilled
  • Chemical System: Epoxy
  • Cure / Technology: Thermoset; Two Component