Building / Construction Thread Lockers and Retainers Datasheets

from Glotrax Polymers Inc.

Wicking grade threadlocker. High strength, low viscosity penetrating formula. No dis-assembly necessary for application. Fixture time of 15 minutes with a full cure time of 24 hours. Torque strength 75 in-lb break, 300 in-lb prevail. Shear strength 1500 psi. [See More]

  • Industry: Construction
  • Substrate Compatibility: Metal
  • Compound Type: Adhesive
  • Cure / Technology: Anaerobic; Single Component; Room Temperature Vulcanizing or Curing
Cylinlock® -- 823
from Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.

Cylinlock ® Retaining Compounds are highly engineered, 100% active, high strength anaerobic liquids that cure to a. tough plastic when air is excluded. The plastic shim formed when Cylinlock ® cures fills the voids present in even the. best shrink or press fits. These compounds also find... [See More]

  • Industry: Aerospace; Automotive; Electronics; Electric Power; Marine; Military; Construction; OEM or Industrial; Tooling
  • Substrate Compatibility: Metal; Dissimilar Substrates
  • Compound Type: Adhesive; Sealant
  • Cure / Technology: Anaerobic; Thermoset; Single Component; Room Temperature Vulcanizing or Curing
from Swagelok Company

SWAK Anaerobic Thread Sealant, 250 cm3 Tube [See More]

  • Industry: Construction
  • Cure / Technology: Anaerobic
  • Compound Type: Sealant