Fluoropolymer (PTFE / PVDF) Plastic Sheet and Plastic Film Datasheets

F-CLEAN® Greenhouse Film
from AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

A thin ETFE film, F-CLEAN ® Greenhouse Film is the preferred covering material for horticultural greenhouses as it lets in more light than glass, PE film, polycarbonate and PMMA sheets. By allowing maximum UV light transmission (up to 94%), F-CLEAN ensures earlier harvest of better quality fruit... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Thermoplastic; Fluoropolymer
  • Width: 92.52
  • Thickness: 0.0024 to 0.0063
  • Industry: Repair or Construction; Greenhouse
Plastic Tape And Film
from CoorsTek

Our tapes and films are manufactured to the highest standard using high-temperature silicone or acrylic adhesives. Combining premium backing materials with high-performance adhesives, we manufacture some of the most specialized tapes available. Many of our own PTFE-coated fiberglass fabrics are made... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Fluoropolymer
  • Thickness: 0.0030 to 0.2500
  • Filler: Carbon or Graphite; Metal or MIM; Glass
  • Width: 24
PTFE Film -- DW-232P
from DeWAL Industries, Inc.

DW 232P is a low density, porous PTFE film product. It has the inherent benefits of PTFE: exceptional chemical resistance, crush resistance, reduced shrinkage, dimensional stability, temperature range from -400 to +500 °F, low coefficient of friction and an available thickness range of 0.010... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Fluoropolymer
  • Thickness: 0.0100 to 0.1000
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Industry: OEM or Industrial
PTFE Sheet - Natural Mechanical
from Interstate Plastics, Inc.

PTFE is inert to mostly all chemicals and is considered the slipperiest material in existence. These properties have made it one of the most valuable and versatile technologies ever invented. PTFE has contributed to significant advancements in areas such as aerospace, communications, electronics,... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Thermally cured; Fluoropolymer
  • Industry: Automotive; Electronics; Electrical Power or High Voltage; OEM or Industrial
  • Thickness: 0.0300 to 0.1870
  • Tensile (Break): 3350
DF100, Type C and CD Monolayer -- C/ CD
from Saint-Gobain Plastic Films and Tapes

Type C and CD Monolayer. Cast Film. Chemfilm ® Type C films are ultra thin single layer, multi-laminar cast PTFE films. Type CD are C films- duplex wound (2 film layers wound on a single core). [See More]

  • Chemical System: Thermoplastic; Fluoropolymer
  • Industry: Aerospace; Electronics; Sanitary; OEM or Industrial
KYDEX® 100 – High Impact Fire-Rated Sheet
from Total Plastics, Inc.

Available in a Wide Range of Standard Colors. Call TPI for Custom Colors. Super tough, durable KYDEX ® 100, a proprietary alloy sheet, brings new dimensions to thermoformers in: formability, rigidity, breakage resistance, chemical resistance and fire retardancy. Aircraft interiors. Mass transit... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Thermoplastic; Fluoropolymer
  • Width: 48
  • Thickness: 0.0280 to 0.2500
  • Length: 96
PTFE Sheeting -- 45252
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

PTFE is a low friction fluoropolymer with outstanding chemical and weathering resistance. The working temp range is -20 F to 500 F. It has the lowest coefficient of any solid. It has no slip-stick characteristics; static and dynamic coefficients are equal. Nothing sticks with any strength to... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Thermally cured; Fluoropolymer
from Zeus

Zeus Bioweb ™ is a technology produced through electrospinning PTFE into polymeric fibers with extremely small thicknesses ranging from nano- to microscale. Collectively, these electrospun fibers form materials producing a broad range of fiber and fabric properties. Electrospinning allows... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Fluoropolymer
  • Industry: Scaffolding, Stent Covering, Specialty Filtration Media, Implantable Structures in the Body
  • Material Type: BioMedical
  • Features: Flexible or Dampening
Fluoropolymer Sheets -- TENT0005NV04848
from ACME Plastics, Inc.

Teflon ® is not the common name for fluoropolymers. Teflon ® is not a name for any finished product. Teflon ® is a brand for a unique ingredient, the fluoropolymer additive, which makes products better. Thickness: .005" to 4". Sheet Size: 24" x 24" and 48" x 48". Fluoropolymer Available... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Thermally cured; Fluoropolymer
  • Thickness: 0.0050
  • Filler: Carbon or Graphite (optional feature); Glass or FRP (optional feature)
  • Length: 48
from Franklin Fibre-Lamitex Corporation

Virgin TFE is almost universally inert as a result of the molecular structure of the resin. Components made of this material exhibit excellent impermeability to most corrosive liquids, vapors and gases, even at elevated temperatures, as well as under pressure and vacuum. They are affected only by... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Thermally cured; Fluoropolymer
  • Thickness: 0.0312 to 6
  • Filler: Carbon or Graphite (optional feature); Glass or FRP (optional feature)
  • Width: 0.1250 to 48
FluoroGrip® -- Metallized Fluoropolymer Film
from Integument Technologies, Inc.

Suitable for a wide variety of industrial and technological applications [See More]

  • Chemical System: Fluoropolymer
  • Industry: Aerospace
  • Material Type: Electrically Conductive Compound (optional feature)
  • Features: Anti-static or ESD Control (optional feature); EMI / RFI Shielding Material (optional feature)
Commercial Viton (FKM) Sheet Rubber -- V031-36
from Pioneer Rubber & Gasket Co., Inc.

Compounded with DuPont Viton ™ to resistant oil, ozone, and oxidation at high temperatures. Outstanding resistance to compression set and heat aging. Excellent for applications with aromatic hydrocarbons, oils, fuels, aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids and dilute acids. Resists compression set... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Fluoropolymer
  • Width: 36
  • Thickness: 0.0312
  • Use Temperature: 0 to 400
Rulon® Material -- 1045
from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics - High Performance Seals, Polymer Components and Springs

Dull gold colored high elongation and moderate deformation material suitable for bearings, rings and seals. Rulon ® 1045 is a dull gold material that has an excellent ability to elongate in a flip seal application. Coupled with excellent frictional characteristics, it offers the added benefit of... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Thermally cured; Thermoplastic; Fluoropolymer
  • Industry: OEM or Industrial
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Use Temperature: -240 to 288