Polysulphone Plastic Sheet and Plastic Film Datasheets

POLYSULFONE Sheet - Natural
from Interstate Plastics, Inc.

Udel ® polysulfone (psu) is a rigid, high-strength, semi-tough thermoplastic that has a heat deflection temperature of 345 °f (174 °c), and maintains its properties over a wide temperature range. Udel excels in many fluid-handling applications and has over 10 years of success replacing... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Thermoplastic; Polysulphone
  • Industry: OEM or Industrial
  • Thickness: 0.3750 to 2
Radel® PPSU -- R-7700
from Solvay Advanced Polymers

Radel ® R-7700 polyphenylsulfone sheet was developed specifically for many aircraft interior applications. Through the use of a proprietary flame retardant package, this resin offers low heat release, low smoke generation, and low toxic gas emissions, thereby complying with the FAA regulation... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Thermoplastic; Polyphenylsulfone; Polysulphone
  • Industry: Aerospace; Sanitary; OEM or Industrial
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Features: Flame Retardant