Motor(s) / System(s) Controlled:Other Motion Controllers Datasheets

Ensemble LAB Stand-Alone, Multi-Axis Motion Controller
from Aerotech, Inc.

Design Features. Up to 4 axes of brush, stepper or brushless AC motors. Aerotech's FlashConfig feature automatically configures axis parameters based on the connected stage type. Touch screen with intuitive menu-driven interface for quick and easy access to system functionality. Joystick input for... [See More]

  • Motor / System: DC Brushed; DC Brushless (optional feature); Stepper Motor
  • Axes: 4.0
  • Product: PC-Based
  • AC Input: 100 to 230
Motion Controller V2.5 -- MCDC 3003

Modern design in Compact Design. Motion Controller optionally programmable. Less amount of wiring. Parameter settings FAULHABER "Motion Manager" software and USB interface. Wide Portfolio of Accessories [See More]

  • Motor / System: DC Brushless; DC Servo; DC-Micromotors
  • DC Input: 12 to 30
  • Axes: 1.0
  • Continuous Current: 3
from PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

Servocontroller and power amplifierOne and two channels, bench top, proprietary PID control for ultrasonic motors, network-compatible with up to 16 units per interfaceFor PILineĀ® ultrasonic linear motorsPower amplifier for PILineĀ® drives and stages with up to two piezomotyors per channel. Automated... [See More]

  • Motor / System: Ultrasonic Piezomotors
  • Power: 15
  • DC Input: 24
  • Voltage: 200
Stepper Gear Motor with Controller -- Au24-19-64
from Excitron Corporation

Each Controllercoder is fully integrated with the stepper motor, producing the most compact and powerful intelligent motor drive available. Complete family can drive stepper motors from 15mm diameter to NEMA 42, and perfectly matches drive amperage with the motor size. [See More]

  • Motor / System: Unipolar; Permanent Magnet; Hybrid; Full-Step; Half-Step
  • PC-Based Bus: Other; USB, RS232
  • Product: Controller / Drive; Multi-Axis (optional feature); Speed Controller; Robotic; MCU;
  • Axes: 1.0 to 52.0