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Ensemble LAB Stand-Alone, Multi-Axis Motion Controller
from Aerotech, Inc.

Design Features. Up to 4 axes of brush, stepper or brushless AC motors. Aerotech's FlashConfig feature automatically configures axis parameters based on the connected stage type. Touch screen with intuitive menu-driven interface for quick and easy access to system functionality. Joystick input for... [See More]

  • Motor / System: DC Brushed; DC Brushless (optional feature); Stepper Motor
  • Axes: 4.0
  • Product: PC-Based
  • AC Input: 100 to 230
Motion Controller V2.5 -- MCDC 3003

These compact, highly dynamic positioning systems are optimized for micromotors. The motion control components are RS232 or CAN interface-compatible. Leverage this components motion control software and minimal wiring. Modern design in Compact Design. Motion Controller optionally programmable. Less... [See More]

  • Motor / System: DC Brushless; DC Servo; DC-Micromotors
  • DC Input: 12 to 30
  • Axes: 1.0
  • Continuous Current: 3
Driver for PILine® Ultrasonic Piezomotors -- C-872
from PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

For all PILine ® motors. Analog control input. Automatic frequency control. Minimum heat generation. All-Purpose Driver for All PILine ® Single and Dual Drives. OEM board with analog control input. Suitable for PILine ® ultrasonic piezomotors P-661, U-161, U-164 and PILine ® RodDrive... [See More]

  • Motor / System: Piezomotor
  • Axes: 1.0
  • Resolution: 12
  • DC Input: 24