Helical Tooth Rack and Pinion Drives Datasheets

DRP+ Rack & Pinion Drive -- DRP+ Twin or DualDRIVE
from Andantex USA, Inc.

overview. DRP+ planetary gearboxes are the dedicated solution to ZERO-BACKLASH rack & pinion and rotary table drive applications. They consist of two top quality planetary reducers mounted in parallel inside of a super rigid universal housing. Two integral output pinions engage the rack to allow... [See More]

  • Gearing: Helical
  • Axis Weight Rating: 200000
  • Axis Drive Force: 30000
High-Precision In-Line Rack & Pinion Drive Systems -- 78.20.526
from ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc.

These systems utilize our our precision Planetary and Servo-Worm Reducers, which have backlash levels down to one arc-minute, to rigidly support and drive a hardened & ground pinion. The rack used in these systems is also hardened & ground. These drives are perfect for a wide range of... [See More]

  • Gearing: Helical
  • Axis Drive Force: 265
  • AGMA Quality: AGMA 12
  • Features: Ground Teeth
High Force Rack and Pinion Drive -- "ZTRS" Series
from Stober Drives, Inc.

The "ZTRS" is a combination of Atlanta and STOBER. It is perfect for very high torque, torsional stiffness, and tilting moment requirements. This design consists of a support housing with a flanged pinion, optional felt gear for lubrication, and a PH or PA gear [See More]

  • Gearing: Helical
  • Features: Ground Teeth
  • Axis Drive Force: 2922 to 27426