Type:Other Anchors Datasheets

Refractory Anchors and Insulation Studs - Lagging Stud with Hole
from Nelson Fastener Systems

L2L studs are welded to hot work, such as furnaces, kilns, ducts, or tanks. They are intended to attach of insulation blanket using wires or “gull wing ” wire skewers. Nelson L2L studs are also welded around openings in plates for retention of cover plates with wedge pins inserted... [See More]

  • Types: Refractory Anchors
  • Thread Size: 0.3750
1058522.0 [522432 from Fischer Electronik]
from RS Components, Ltd.

The Fischer HM metal cavity wall fixings come with metric screws and are suitable for board building materials with a thickness of 3 mm to 50 mm. Having an expanding arm on the metal fixings gives you a large supporting surface allowing a higher load bearing capacity. Type = Cavity Fixing. Fixing... [See More]

  • Types: Wall Anchors; Cavity Fixing
  • Anchor Length: 1.81
  • Hole Size: 0.3150
MAI SDA self-drilling anchors -- 1515765 // 9899 1007 54
from Atlas Copco USA

MAI SDA R32N 2.0 m. Outer Diameter (mm, inch): 1.26 inch | Average internal diameter (mm, inch): 0.73 inch | Cross-sectional area (mm ², inch ²): - inch ² | Ultimate tensile load (kN, lbs): - lbs | Minimum yield load: - lbs | Weight: 6,8 kg | Length: - ft. Atlas Copco MAI SDA... [See More]

  • Types: Self-Drilling Anchor
  • Hole Size: 0.7300
from Interfast Group

Interfast Group is a distributor of construction fasteners. We pride ourselves with HIGH QUALITY, FAST SERVICE and COMPETITIVE PRICES. Having our product made in one of the largest and strongest overseas screw manufacturers has its advantages. All products, systems and procedures meet the rigorous... [See More]

  • Types: Hammer Drive